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Bayswood Timber is a dedicated timber wholesaler servicing the requirements of timber merchants, joiners and manufactures all over Australia. Bayswood Timber is situated on more than 5 Acres in Hallam, Victoria. Before Choice Energy helped, the business owners were spending in excess of $60,000 on grid power across two sites.
How we helped

In the face of increasingly expensive electricity, Bayswood Timber commissioned Choice Energy to reduce its reliance on grid power.

After Choice Energy procured market-leading energy rates via a tender, we installed a digital meter to manage demand and validate bills.

We then installed a 180kW turnkey solar solution which was partly subsidies by $19,000 of government funding. A power factor correction unit was also installed to reduce peak demand.



The business is projected to save $40,000 per year by partnering with Choice Energy


By installing a 180kW commercial solar system, the business will produce a significant amount of its daytime energy needs


Choice Energy acquired approximately $19,000 in government rebates to help the owners fund the system

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