Mumble Peg is a proud family-owned business, producing beautiful citrus since 1930 in the beautiful Narromine district

High quality oranges from this inter-generational farm have graced tables across Queensland and New South Wales, as well as overseas. Mumble Peg also proudly produces a high quality orange juice with fruit considered imperfect for market, creating a solution that is both sustainable and delicious.


As energy bills continue to rise and challenge local Australia citrus growers, it is essential to remain vigilant in order to remain competitive. Partnership with Choice Energy, Mumble Peg Citrus have opted for continuing the metering and monitoring of their energy usage, ensuring their bills remain correct and identify cost reduction activities in advance.

The business and its ongoing energy needs and risks are now proactively taken care of by their dedicated energy specialist from Choice Energy, who will continue to ensure contracts are optimised ongoing via competitive energy procurement strategies. For Mumble Peg Citrus, this means getting on with business while knowing their energy needs are being taken care of by the professionals.


Metering and Monitoring

Expert metering and monitoring turns a standard meter into a data opportunity

Ongoing Support

Choice Energy continues to advocate for the client and identify opportunities to save more on energy.

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