Geelong Citrus is leading citrus packing shed and wholesaler of citrus fruits based in Breakwater, Victoria.

They receive fruit from many citrus farms in the Riverland and Murray Valley, transport the fruit to Geelong and then grade and pack the fruit in their packing shed in Breakwater, Geelong for distribution throughout Victoria, as well as for export to various Asian countries.


Choice Energy reached out to the business to discuss their energy costs at a time when the wholesale electricity market reached an unprecedented 5-year low.

With a contract in play until the end of 2022, Choice Energy advised the business about the ability to "forward" contract and secure record-low rates for their next agreement period from 2023-2025 without impeding on their existing contract.

Choice Energy tendered the contract out to their extensive energy retail panel, creating competition and driving a competitive response from the market.

As a result, the business is anticipated to save 32% savings compared to their previous agreement, which is equivalent to about $15,000 in annual energy savings over the new contract period.

After reviewing the business' power factor, Choice Energy identified that a Power Factor Correction unit would help offset the network demand charges, saving the business in excess of $68,000 over 10 years.

By partnering with Choice Energy, the business will continue to benefit from ongoing advice from Choice Energy including other ways to optimise their energy costs.

The business is also signed up to receive metering services to ensure they aren't overpaying in their energy bills.



By securing rates at a time of 5-year-record lows, the business will see a 32% reduction in their overall energy costs


The business is expected to save $15,000 annually over the new contract period compared to the previous agreement which is approximately $45,000 over the entire agreement period


The business is projected to save in excess of $68,000 over 10 years through their Power Factor Correction unit.

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