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Interview with Ben from Kuranga Native Nursery | Sustainable Business Spotlight

Located at the gateway to the Yarra Valley, Kuranga Native Nursery is an award-winning nursery displaying Australia’s largest range of Australian native plants.

Based in Mount Evelyn Victoria, with over 3,500 different plant lines, their dedicated team are all expert horticulturalists offering advice and guidance for all home garden projects.

This month we sit down with Ben Clark from Kuranga Native Nursery to hear about his journey with solar.

Pictured: Ben Clark and his family

Q. What was the business's motivation about making the switch to solar?

Essentially, we wanted to do something with solar and the timing was right.

We had two motivations - commercially, we were experiencing rIsing energy costs. When we looked at solar all the numbers checked out, which was important to us. We are already seeing sufficient savings which is great.

Philosophically it suited out business to move to greener energy. We are ethically driven and being less reliant on coal sits well with us.


Q. What made you decide to work with Choice Energy?

After having a look around, we saw that Choice Energy had worked with similar businesses and their capacity was good. They therefore seemed like a good fit for our size business.

They had worked with smaller ag and manufacturing businesses and we thought if they was good enough for other likeminded businesses, then they were good enough for us too!

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Q. What has the process been like making the move to solar?

We’ve been really happy with the whole process.

When we first said yes, we probably didn’t realise how quickly it could all happen too. Within a few weeks we had installation dates booked and we were working with the team to organise the date to receive panels.

Be sure to visit Ben and his team at Kuranga Native Nursery at 118 York Road Mount Evelyn, Victoria. Operating hours: 8:30am – 5pm.

Photos courtesy of Kuranga Native Nursery.

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