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Is energy brokering worth it in such a volatile energy market?

Businesses can no longer ignore the high cost of gas and electricity across Australia: Wholesale electricity prices have increases up to 300% along the east coast of Australia, and correspondingly, we’ve seen a sudden downturn in energy providers offering competitive opportunities to save - after all, when the wholesale cost of any product or service is high, so too will the retail cost.

So with a seemingly dire perspective, is it really worth working with an energy broker?

Absolutely. In fact there has never been a more important time.

Expert energy strategy on your side

When times are tough, expert opinions and advice is more important than ever.

Your dedicated Choice Energy broker is here to understand your business, and uncover opportunities that help you use less and save more on energy.

That means not only helping you make contract choices for your grid energy usage that make sense for a high or low market, but also ensuring your usage is optimised through services like metering and monitoring, network tariff and demand analysis, and significant savers like commercial solar energy.

Working with you for life

Working with Choice Energy is an opportunity to know your business is protected, but with no obligations.

Your dedicated energy manager keeps track of your current and upcoming contracts, meaning that you can stay focused on growing your business, knowing that you’ve got energy market educated eyes on the high points and the lows that may affect your business as you finish or enter a new agreement.

For example, for some Choice Energy clients through the COVID-19 pandemic, this meantlocking in extremely favourable energy agreements for extended periods, allowing them to ride out the “bounce back” of higher energy costs with their locked in lower rate.

Just touching base to say a massive thank you!!!

The team at Choice Energy were very proactive in November 2020 and extended our contract that ended in August 2021 for 3 years to August 2024. With the current increase in energy prices we are so grateful that you & the team kept us updated with energy prices and recommended we fix mid way through the existing contract.
Gillian Powell CEO of Fyna Foods Pty Ltd

View their full case study here.

One less problem to shoulder

With the rising costs of goods and services, you have enough to manage on your plate. The energy industry is extremely complex, and as we’ve seen this year alone, vulnerable to a wide range of influencing factors both local and overseas.

Choice Energy is here to support your business, often at low or no cost to you, and ensure you are informed in an easy to understand partnership.

We aim to empower your decision-making requirements without the burden of going it alone and getting wrapped up in the jargon. Our Australian-based team is proudly here to help growing Australian businesses.

To find out more or to get the ball rolling, call us on 1300 304 448, or send your latest bill to us here to kick start the process.

Take back control of your energy

Speak to one of our Choice Energy Assessors for a free energy evaluation today!

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