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At last some good news: It's solar season!

Spring is here, and with it the beginning of the busy production season for many industries. We are energised by better weather, enthusiastic about more leisure time, and this year looking to a life beyond COVID-19, and what that means both personally and professionally.

For businesses looking to bounce back or keep up with their new demand, reducing costs is a savvy way to optimise your numbers and set yourself up for long term success. As the days grow longer and demand heats up, commercial solar offers you the opportunity to reduce your energy expenses and let you focus on what you do best during the best six months for solar output. Translation? More sun on your panels, more clean, free energy created for you.

And it’s not just great weather and more sunshine that makes Spring 2020 ideal for commercial solar. This year brought with it a range of incentives and opportunities to make your investment in clean energy one of the most essential business investments you can do before the next quarter:

  • Businesses can access government funding for commercial solar before it reduces by 10% December on 31st 2020. Confused about access to government and incentives? Don’t stress - We do the hard work for you to find out what you could save.

  • The 'uncapped' increased Instant Asset Tax write off provides businesses with the unique opportunity to invest in an asset that helps manage energy costs during times of uncertainty and for up to 25 years. It can be used for multiple assets but the system must be installed and used by 30 June 2022. Learn more about how you can make your system even more affordable.

If you want to reap the benefit of our long sunny Australian summers, starting the ball rolling now is crucial. Larger commercial solar systems can take weeks and often months to receive grid connection approval.

How Solar with Choice Energy is making a difference for businesses like yours

For San Carlo Homes for the Aged, commercial solar has seen them reduce their grid energy needs to the tune of $100,000 saved each year. Their commitment to lowering their carbon footprint also qualified them for up to $15,000 of funding each year from the government.

Australian manufacturer Britton Timbers saw themselves compromised by network costs that occupied up to 50% of their total energy bill. Investing in commercial solar not only let them stand by their commitment to sustainable practice, but allowed them to save $80,000 annually on energy bills, thanks to their 300kW system.

Commercial solar is a long term solution to a pain point your business is likely to never resolve - after all, we all depend on energy. Cash flow positive and carbon foot-print friendly, starting the conversation about a solar system for your office, factory or work site has never been simpler and can provide you with a clear picture of how this may benefit your business for years to come.

Start Spring on the best foot by booking in your obligation free feasibility assessment today. It’s free, done remotely and takes only minutes to organise. Use the form here for a call back from our friendly solar team today, or contact us directly on 1300 304 448.

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