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The clean energy revolution for waste

You must be living under a rock If you have missed the chaos occurring in the waste and resource recovery sector lately.

With the recent changes to the distribution of waste in Australia, and a lack of support and cohesion from councils and governments, businesses are facing unprecedented challenges. And as energy-intensive users, the rising cost of energy is a significant concern.

But there is good news: commercial solar is a proven way for businesses to reduce their energy costs, and with a range of rebates and funding programs available, the affordability of commercial solar is at an all-time high.

How solar is revolutionising waste:

As a result of our work with waste and resource recovery businesses, we have helped businesses take back control and reduce their energy costs, by avoiding the ever-increasing cost of grid power.

To extend upon our success and help the sector prosper, we have recently joined the Victorian Waste Management Association, a group representing the interests of Victorian waste and recycling businesses.

By investing in a system, owners can benefit from:

  • A renewable energy source they own
  • A guaranteed energy output that Choice Energy back with a guarantee
  • Live reporting and a monthly performance report to ensure you understand how much energy your system is outputting.

Naturally, the shift to clean energy also supports these businesses social responsibility goals by operating in a more environmentally-conscious manner.

Who we've helped so far:


Australia’s leading plastic manufacturer will save $2.5 million over the next 25 years and will avoid outputting close to 186.7 tons of carbon dioxide every year. Learn more.

Corio Waste Management

By investing in a 30kW commercial solar system, Corio Waste Management is expected to offset close to 50 per cent of the business’ total daytime usage. Learn more.

WM Waste Management

Choice Energy helped secure close to $4,000 of rebates for WM Waste Management, and the system will provide close to 30 per cent of the business’ total daytime coverage. Learn more.

Bucher Municipal

As part of their commitment to reduce their impact, Bucher Municipal is expected to save $45,000 per year, with their new 200kW solar system. Learn more.

Explore our full range of case studies for the waste and resource recovery industry or get in touch with our team for a solar assessment for your business.

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