Trofeo Estate is a family-owned boutique winery, cellar door and restaurant overlooking 50 acres of scenic rural vineyard.

After undertaking an assessment of the business’ electricity usage profile and bills, we presented the benefits of a 40kW turnkey solar solution to Trofeo Estate and opened the opportunity to install a cash flow positive asset to combat the rising price of wholesale electricity by producing their own power, from their roof!
Not only did we reduce their usage and ultimately their bills from the day it was turned on, we were also able to limit the impact on cash flow caused by the installation by introducing the client to our clean energy financing partner, Smart Ease who was able to facilitate with an affordable payment plan. An easy process for our client, while ensuring the project could be delivered on time from us.
Everything was coordinated beautifully, it meant that we were paying off the solar system, but still reducing our energy costs. It was really a no-brainer.
Jim Manolios - Owner, Trofeo Estate



By installing a 40kW system Trofeo was able to reduce their energy usage significantly throughout their busiest time of year.


As part of the 40kW commercial solar investment, the estate is reducing their impact on the environment, whilst saving on energy from day 1.

Solar finance process
Smart Ease, the clean energy financing partner of Choice Energy facilitated Trofeo Estate to pay for their system, meaning the estate is no longer held captive by volatile market in their busiest trading months, and their energy usage has been significantly reduced.

“I picked up the phone, introduced myself to Jim told him a little bit about Smart Ease. He gave me a background on the Estate, and we lodged an application over the phone immediately. It was pre-approved in about five minutes and Jim was able to sign on the spot." Assunta Martino, Smart Ease. Read the full case study.

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