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As one of the most respected and established names in the dry cleaning industry, R&R Fabricare have been providing quality dry-cleaning services to residents of Canberra since 1933.

Combining experience with local knowledge and friendly staff, R&R services clients out of two locations.

As high energy users with demanding requirements, they wanted to see how they could reduce their energy costs by working with an energy broker.

How we helped

After reviewing the business energy bills and usage, a Choice Energy expert determined the business had fallen on default rates because their contract had lapsed.

Choice Energy was able to negotiate the business a new energy contract with their existing retailer, securing an additional 6% saving off two business sites while also being able to negotiate 5% off the residential rates.



In excess of $3,000 in energy bill savings for the business.

With little energy competition here in ACT I thought the services of a broker would be negated but how wrong I was. After receiving notice from ACTEWAGL of a 12% increase in energy costs resulting in over $4500 per year in additional costs I called David from Choice Energy, a recommended partner of the DIA. Within 3 hours David had renegotiated my service contract resulting in savings of over $3000 pa including not only my business accounts but my home energy costs also. Apart from death and taxes the other certainty in life is that energy prices are not going down so get on board with Choice Energy. It's a quick and easy process.
Mark Ryan, Proprietor R&R Fabricare, Fine drycleaning since 1933.

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