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Murphy's Crash and Towing Service is a dedicated crash repairs and towing service based on South Australia's Yorke Peninsula.

Their quality services include 24-hour towing, windscreen replacement, dent repair, expert vehicle restoration, and more.

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As a local, family owned and operated business, Alison and Steve became extremely frustrated by the cost of their electricity in South Australia and felt a complete lack of control over their bills.

They were looking for a business to turn to - who they could trust to help them take back control.

Introduced via Capricorn, one of Choice Energy's senior energy experts conducted a solar assessment for the site, identifying cost-savings and a way for the owners to take back control of their energy costs.



The 10kW solar system is creating clean, free energy for the business


The business is expected to save approximately $6,000 per year over the lifetime of the system

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