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Andy's Restorations is a premium car restoration business based out of Kurnell in New South Wales.

Building high-quality hot rods and custom cars since 1974, what started as a hobby developed into a full time business.

Highly respected in the auto industry Andy and his wife Donna are also Capricorn members.

How we helped

As a local, family owned and operated business, Andy and Donna became frustrated by the rising cost of power and lack of control over their energy bills.

Introduced via Capricorn, Choice Energy conducted a solar feasibility assessment for the business to identify if it was economically viable for them to introduce solar to their operations.

The owners decided to not only implement solar for the business, but they also partnered with Choice Energy on a bespoke system for their home.

Andys Restorations Solar



Andy's Restorations' 10kW solar system provides the owners with confidence and control over their energy and bills


A 5kW solar system ensures they're in control of their home energy bills too

"After years of contemplating changing to solar power and numerous quotes that never seemed to work in our favour, we finally made the move when Choice Energy contacted us through Capricorn Society. The process was absolutely flawless, with everything from a very competitive price, a fuss free installation and the amazing communication from beginning to end made Choice Energy a pleasure to deal with!!"

Donna Minas, Andy's Restorations

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