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Irwin Stock Feeds proudly provides high performance and quality feed to dairy and beef farms across Victoria. Accredited, experienced and dedicated, this family-owned business includes a head office in North Melbourne, state-of-the-art stock feed mill in Lang Lang, and a mill in the Goulburn Valley, Irwin Stock Feeds is here to help with consultations, custom mixes and fantastic customer service at every point.

How we helped

With rising costs anticipated across Victoria, ensuring the business is as optimised as possible is essential. Choice Energy undertook energy procurement for all three of Irwin Stock Feed's locations, presenting their needs to up to sixteen retailers in order to find the best offer possible.

As a result, Irwin Stock Feed are now anticipated to save $280,000 over a three year period.



The client is projected to save over $280,000 on energy bills

3 years

Irwin Stock Feeds will see their projected savings over a 3 year period.

3 locations

All locations were included in the procurement, optimising across the board

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