Choice Energy is home to an enthusiastic team of energy management experts. Together, we prioritise people and relationships and reducing energy costs.

We’re growing fast and we need eager people to keep pace with us. Energetic, forward-thinking problem solvers with strong negotiation skills are a great fit for our team. You’ll need to be as energised as we are at seeing Australian businesses use less energy and pay less for what they use

A day in the life of our energy management experts

Your customers will be your priority. Apart from lots of solution-focused conversations with customers, prospective customers, energy retailers and network providers, and your team mates, a typical day may include performing any or all the following:

  • Developing end-to-end energy solutions to reduce energy costs
  • Negotiating market leading rates with energy retailers and network providers
  • Managing financial risks associated with rising energy costs
  • Analysing data to help you optimise energy costs
  • Negotiating the best energy deal available to best match your customers’ needs
  • Facilitating or leading a bid tender process and preparing proposal documents
  • Facilitating or leading a group buying tender
  • Staying ahead of energy industry changes such as grants and incentives, and network tariffs
  • Sharing insights with other team members and participating in Choice Energy events.
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    What to expect from Choice Energy

    By joining us you can expect to grow professionally, and personally. Our experienced management team have a deep interest and knowledge in the energy industry. They’re generous in transferring this knowledge, so be prepared to learn – a lot!

    We believe in helping one another realise potential so we can all move forward together. The health and wellbeing of every employee matters to us. Every Choice Energy employee benefits from:

    • Part or fully funded professional self-development
    • Flexible work hours including a 10 am start once a week in winter to promote health and wellbeing
    • Payment plans for individual self-development courses (with a discount covered by us)
    • Company-wide events and activities to celebrate success and build relationships
    • Varidesks to encourage standing at desks for better health
    • Employee assistance to promote mental health supported by a psychologist (in confidence)
    • Sponsorship of not-for-profits, sporting clubs and charitable and community organisations
    • Payment of entry fees for Choice Energy sponsored sports events such as triathlons
    • Individual and team incentives including paid trips or dinners to celebrate success.

    Do you have the energy to grow as fast as we are?
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