Sunlight and significant savings: How Rosebank is investing in the future

There’s power plants popping up along Rosebank Road, but maybe not the kind you’d expect.

Environmentally-friendly, quiet, and completely unobtrusive, these powerhouses are working away at turning sunny days into serious savings, and making electricity bills a little less daunting.

Innovative businesses are recognising the benefits of solar for their business - including:

  • Allowing businesses to get ahead of fluctuating energy prices and future-proof with a sustainable solution
  • Solar energy is clean, environmentally friendly and can be designed for specific commercial needs
  • Many businesses see a reduction of up to 50% of their daytime energy costs

Invest in a new asset during a time of uncertainty? You'll be surprised to know you don't need to find a budget for solar.

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Solar without a budget

In the current climate you may feel less willing to invest in solar. Don't worry, we believe financing solar systems, so that the system can be paid for without an upfront investment is actually the way forward. This allows you to get funding for solar, get the tax write-offs, and put minimal to no cash into the solution as the savings the system creates on your electricity bill is often more than the payments.

The Choice Energy difference

A Choice Energy solar system goes beyond the installation of your high quality panels. AWe provide a holistic energy solution that looks at your needs, and creates a completely individualised solution for your business’ needs.

We've been trusted across New Zealand and Australia providing:

  • A minimum guaranteed generation on the power your system will produce

  • High quality panels, parts and installation

  • Monitoring and reporting, post-installation

An ongoing relationship devoted to keeping your energy bills low, and your sustainability image high.

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