With a significant dip in the National Electricity Market and imminent coal power station closures, now is an optimal time to procure competitive energy prices before the market is expected to increase again.

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Group Energy Procurement Process


Bundle business energy profiles

By bundling your energy usage with other businesses, you can leverage your group buying power to secure better rates.

Bill check

Identify and present rates

We’ll collate the group's energy usage and tender it to a range of Australia’s best electricity suppliers creating competition that sees optimised rates presented to you and the other members of the group tender.


Get a great deal on electricity

By coming together to source an energy agreement, energy suppliers benefit more by winning the larger tender, and work harder to offer you a better deal!

    We're here for you.

    "We engaged Choice Energy to find us a decent electricity rate in this crazy market. Our dedicated energy broker reached out and was helpful, friendly and efficient from the get-go. They came back to us with a few different options and talked us through each. They took the time to answer all of our questions, were always easily contactable and nothing was ever a bother. We would happily recommend Choice Energy to others in the Tourism Industry and other business owners."

    - Tiffany Kingsmill
    Lani's Holiday Island

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I qualify for the tender?

    If you provide us with a copy of your electricity account information, we can determine if you qualify. Each state has a minimum annual load required to qualify for large market pricing.

    Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

    Unlike some group tenders where you have to sign a long-term agreement, if you are classified as “large market”, you will have the option of taking a 12, 24, 36 or 48-month term depending on how long your existing agreement is.

    I have 12 or 18 months left on my large market contract, can I get involved?

    Absolutely! You can not only benefit from securing a special group rate but you can also lock in competitive energy prices for future periods of time (ie for years 2024-2026 etc) . The best way to identify savings is to register your interest and your dedicated broker will be able to advise accordingly.

    I am with Ergon as my retailer, can I participate?

    No, If you are with Ergon as a retailer (bills) you are unable to get involved in this group energy procurement tender. However, we may still be able to assist you save by lowering your network costs or seeing if solar will reduce your costs. We encourage you to call us direct on 1300 304 448 or enquire here.

    Once I have registered for the tender do I have to proceed?

    By completing the registration page, you are showing your interest in being involved in the Choice Energy group energy tender. A broker will manage the process of identifying the best special group rates we can secure for your business. You are under no obligation to accept the new rates once these have been identified and you can choose not to proceed.

    What information am I required to give you?

    If you are a large-market client, we'll be in touch to request the latest energy bill, meter data, contract end dates and a signed Letter of Authority which allows us to go on your behalf to the retailer to request pricing. We'll need all this information to ensure we can include you in the tender. If you are SME business and you receive your bills quarterly, a recent electricity bill is typically all that is required.

    How much does it cost to be involved?

    It costs you nothing to participate in the special group energy tender. Choice Energy will be paid by the retailer.

    *A large market business is typically billed monthly and spends more than $2500 per month on electricity.

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    Take power back and reduce your energy costs. Provide us with a snapshot of your business and energy needs and we'll be in touch.