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Three Top Tips to Managing your Business Energy Costs This Summer

Between sweltering temperatures, a change to staff rhythms and a gear change over the holidays, it might not be so "business-as-usual" for your power bills. Here’s our CEO Christopher Dean’s top 3 tips for managing those business energy costs this summer.

1. Review your network charges, which will rise in January and are not simply “pass-through” charges

You are charged a network cost which accounts for the majority of your electricity bill. This is the fee that goes to your electricity distributor.

If you utilise a lot of power, this cost is broken out as a line item on your bill, otherwise, it's incorporated into the total cost of your bill.

You’ve likely been told by your retailer that these are simple pass-through charges and cannot be changed. The truth is - you can change your network tariff. By using a broker you can ensure your business is on the right tariff or have your broker identify a new tariff based on your usage.

And with network cost increases due to come into effect 1 January 2020, there isn’t a better time to ensure you're on the correct one!

2. Investigate whether commercial solar is viable for your business before the government grants drop in January

Heading into summer is the perfect time to explore solar for your business. After all, the Australian climate offers one of the best solar energy resources in the world.

You've likely looked at solar before but found it to be too expensive. But solar is far more affordable than it once with, with access to government rebates available.

But from January 1, government rebates for commercial solar will be dropping by approximately 10%. This means you could miss out on thousands of dollars from the government.

Beyond that, Choice Energy aims to deliver a solution for businesses that does not impact cash-flow, utilising government funding coupled with savings from your energy bill to pay for the system. Explore how this works.

For many businesses, solar can result in cashflow positive outcomes from day one.

If you're considering solar, we encourage you to get started on the process now.

3. Avoid low price solar, which is likely to cost you more long term

Who wants a system that isn’t performing at its best, costing you more in the long-run? That's like building a family home that has to be demolished and rebuilt in five years.

Many solar companies typically install solar as though its an appliance, pricing their systems low without being responsible for the performance, which could cost you more in the long-run.

When considering solar, we strongly encourage businesses to choose a solar solution that comes with a solar generation guarantee, system maintenance and lifetime monitoring, along with post-installation care.

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