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What does the $325 small business electricity rebate mean for your small business?

This year, approximately one million businesses will benefit from $325 of energy bill relief, as delivered in last Tuesday night’s Federal budget.

Small businesses will also see a one-year extension of the instant asset write-off for items under $20,000.

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding the Government’s extended Energy Bill Relief program for 24-25:

Energy Bill relief 24-25 Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I eligible for the small business electricity rebate?

According to the Government, small businesses must meet their state and territory definition of electricity ‘small customer', as determined by their annual electricity consumption threshold, to be eligible for a $325 annual rebate.

Small businesses whose annual electricity consumption is above the threshold set by their state and territory government will not be eligible for bill relief.

The annual electricity consumption threshold for state and territory small customers is provided below.

Energy gov au Small Business thresholds

How is the electricity rebate paid?

Eligible small businesses will receive their energy bill rebate automatically on their bills and won’t be required to take any further action.

When will the rebate appear on my bills?

This rebate will be paid in four quarterly installments across a year and appear as a credit on your bill.

Will I still get the electricity rebate if I switch retailers?

Yes - this rebate will be applied no matter what retailer you are with, and switching retailers does not affect your eligibility to receive the full rebate.

Learn more about the Energy Relief program here:

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