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The impact energy brokering can make on your business

Imagine having an experienced, knowledgeable energy expert on your team who regularly keeps up to date with the highs and lows of the volatile Australian energy market. They’re here to provide you not only with the reassurance that your energy usage and grid energy costs are optimised, but also identify periods of time when a strategic change of contract, or even forward contracting, may save your business thousands of dollars.

That’s exactly what a Choice Energy broker is here to do. And with a wide range of services at no or low cost to you, they may just be one of the best investments your business can make in these increasingly expensive times.

What does an energy broker do?

Much like brokers in other industries, such as mortgages and business loans, an energy broker is your advocate in the energy market who utilises their experience to seek out the best contract possible for your gas and electricity. What a Choice Energy broker does, however, goes far beyond that: Your broker is actually an energy specialist, here to expand on your contract savings through other specialised services, such as metering and monitoring, tariff and demand analysis, and even commercial solar strategy and design for significant energy savings.

A game changer for busy business owners and operators

Ensuring your gas and electricity bills are in check may feel like just another to-do on your list, along with the other endless admin that running a business requires. But just as your accountant, your staff and your contractors take hard work off your hands, so too can a Choice Energy broker. We’re here watching the market and keeping up to date with your existing and upcoming contracts. This means that no matter which way the market is heading, you’ve got one less thing to worry about: Your dedicated Choice Energy broker is doing all the heavy lifting for you.

Your dedicated business energy broker

And we mean dedicated. Unlike a lot of similar services and providers, we’re big believers in honesty, communication and connection. That means that the Choice Energy specialist you speak to at the beginning of your journey to optimise bills, is with you the whole way, ensuring your unique business needs are understood and addressed.

Case study: Windsor Egg Farm is a poultry farm based in Wilberforce New South Wales, an Australian pioneer village steeped in history that is known for its fresh meats and free range eggs.

As high energy users with demanding requirements, they wanted to see how they could reduce their energy costs by working with an independent energy broker.

Choice Energy identified a new retailer and energy contract that would save the business a projected $35,692 over four years compared to their previous contract.

The business also requested an offer from their incumbent retailer to see how it faired against other retailers. Choice Energy's winning offer was $17,988 cheaper than the direct offer put forward by their existing retailer, over a four year period.

Read the full case study here.

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