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A powerful tool to reduce your business energy expenses

At this point in the year, you’re no doubt aware of the ongoing stressors of business ownership in 2022.

Staff shortages, hiking energy bills, inflation and inventory stressors are making a wide range of industries feel an unprecedented pinch. So let’s take one of those burdens off your shoulders, and get those energy bills back in control with our signature strategy: commercial energy management.

What is it?? How does it stack up against energy comparison?

While energy comparison websites may offer a sense of control, we believe in the empowerment that comes from tackling a problem from every direction.

Simply put, it refers to how your energy strategist chooses from a wide range of our offerings to what best suits you and your business in terms of reducing and optimising your energy costs. This can include:

Essential broad spectrum services such as commercial energy procurement, by which we advocate for your new energy agreement before a panel of up to sixteen providers to secure you the most favourable deal. Most importantly, our procurement process includes checking network and demand costs, an often overlooked yet potentially huge cost-saving part of your energy bill.

Risk-reduction services such as metering and monitoring, which ensure you are being charged correctly for your energy usage, and identifying possible issues with your tariff or estimated energy usage.

Proactive services such as commercial solar, empowering your business with clean, reliable solar in a way that is cash flow positive and favourable to your sustainability profile.

We’ve saved business customers thousands on their energy bills through holistic management, and continue to do so year on year - Check out a few of our favourites on the blog here.

How much does holistic energy management cost?

Many of our services are at no cost to you, making us an addition to your team here for the right reason. Some costs may be absorbed into your energy bill, or bypass you completely. For investments such as solar, we are Clean Energy Council Certified and committed to only using the highest quality in affordable commercial solar systems and parts, to ensure your investment lasts the distance and continues to be monitored.

Best of all? You’ll work with your dedicated strategist for all of our services, ensuring a single point of contact who understands you and your business needs, who will also continue to ensure your agreements are up to date and not at risk of costly default rates.

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The best time to start was yesterday. The second best time is tomorrow.

It could not be more simple to wrangle your energy costs and start saving today. Over 8,000 customers trust Choice Energy thanks to our holistic approach to energy, and it all starts with a single energy bill. Send your latest to us by clicking here, or call us for a no-obligations conversation on 1300 304 448.

Take back control of your energy

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