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Three signs it's time to expand your commercial solar system

If you’re a business owner or operator who has already invested in solar, you’ll know the benefits of solar when it comes to reducing your costs and improving your sustainability profile.

But you may also be wondering if your current system is really meeting your needs. Here are three signs it’s time to consider expanding your solar system.

Your business has grown, and so too have your energy expenses.

What suited your business five, ten or fifteen years ago may no longer reflect your needs. What may have begun as a few pieces of equipment and a handful of staff is now a fully fledged operation with a robust team, possibly even contemplating a new site to expand to.

But with growing businesses comes growing energy bills which your current system may no longer cover. Thankfully, expanding upon your existing system is a simple solution, and can be designed taking into mind your existing system and your new needs.

And if you’re considering a site move somewhere along the line, don’t stress: High quality commercial solar systems are mobile and can be reinstalled in your new site with minimal impact to the existing one. And when combined with expert energy procurement, can set you up for growth in the future.

Grid Energy Costs are Escalating

It’s hard to escape the alarming headlines about the state of energy across most of Australia right now, with winter 2022 in particular expected to bite hard for both businesses and residences. A grid energy network in the throes of massive changes and outside influence means costs are expected to remain volatile and unpredictable, compelling more and more businesses to consider an expansion on their existing solar to lower costs.

For example, if your current solar system previously offset 60% of your grid energy requirements, the balance may have made financial sense. But with that 40% reliance on grid energy – or possibly more, if your business needs has grown – may be cause for alarm. Expanding your system means expanding your offset, and with the current Instant Asset Tax Write Off opportunity plus a range of government incentives, it may mean you remain cash flow positive from day one.

If you have the additional roof space, expanding your system keeps your site working harder for you, and makes the most of what you have. We work with business owners to understand what an addition would look like in terms of offsetting your grid energy usage, and making a return on interest that suits you, your business and your sustainability goals.

You are Focusing on a Sustainable Future for your Business

With the closure of coal-based power plants, Australia is in the midst of a serious energy source switch. Renewables like solar, wind and hydro energy are not only better for the environment, but also cheaper and more efficient to run, with better adaptability to modern market demands. What this means is a confident shift by retailers into renewable options to bring power to the grid.

By already utilising solar, you’re ahead of the big players already when it comes to cheap, efficient renewable energy. But if a consistent focus on sustainability is important to your business (and so it should be, as sustainable brands continue to reap the bottom line benefits) so too is ensuring your clean energy source is keeping up with your business growth.

Previously, you may have invested in a smaller system due to finances or as a nice-to-have way to cut down on your energy and up your sustainability profile a little. But now, we can work together to design a solar expansion that not only makes business sense, but also proves your dedication to remaining clean and green. With more government incentives available to make solar expansion possible, there has never been a better time to look into increasing your savings and your sustainability.

Expanding your solar system is simple with Choice Energy. Simply call our friendly Melbourne based team on 1300 304 448 or click here to learn more about how we help businesses across Australia and New Zealand use less and pay less for their energy needs.

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