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Ready for peak solar season? Here's how to make the most of it

Check in on your performance

Noticed a strange change in your energy bills lately? While a high quality solar system is designed to last for around 25 years, faults and challenges can happen that either weaken your ability to create solar energy, or turn off your system altogether. A good first step is to check in on your inverter for any flashing symbols or coloured lights that indicate an issue, and follow your manufacturer's instructions on what to do next.

We make it easy for Choice Energy solar customers to check their solar performance, but regardless of your installer and provider, you should be able to check in on how yours are performing to ensure it is functioning correctly. If not, we recommend calling your provider, or for the thousands of solar orphans out there, feel free to call us for some advice to see if we can assist via our solar maintenance and solar repairs services.

Check up with certified professionals

Help is on the way for the thousands of businesses and individuals who work with Choice Energy. If your system requires servicing or maintenance, we’re here to help with our CEC certified team who can identify and correct many issues faced by Australian and New Zealand solar systems that are done safely and for maximum solar season capability.

Likewise, how are those grid energy bills going? While solar season often means a peak in savings as well as sun, could you be paying too much for the grid energy you use outside of your solar? As a holistic energy firm, we ensure all Choice Energy customers are empowered with quality solar systems designed for your ideal ROI, as well as energy brokering services that continue to ensure the cost of your grid energy remains optimised.

Pro tip: As demand for grid energy grows in summer, thanks to high energy requirements such as cooling, so too will the average cost of energy. This means if you need to secure a new energy agreement, do so before the height of summer, when a lower demand can mean a better locked in rate.

Clean up for maximum capacity

While solar panels are fantastic for protecting roofs from debris and weather issues like hail, your conditions can lead to a build-up of dust and dirt over time. Despite a popular myth, solar panels require the light, not the heat, of sunlight to function, which is why you’ll still be making clean energy on cooler, sunnier days throughout winter. With this in mind, a dusty solar panel may not be able to generate as much power as the panel cells are blocked by debris.

If you have reason to suspect a buildup of dirt or animal litter is compromising your solar savings, having them professionally cleaned may return your system’s output to its previous capabilities. As we mentioned earlier, it is essential that your panels are cleaned by a certified and educated professional to ensure a great job is done safely, so we recommend reaching out to our solar maintenance team for further information about how and when to have your panels cleaned.

Seeking the best out of solar, or interested in learning how much a new system could save you? Call us on 1300 304 438 for a no obligations conversation, or contact us here.

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