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Paint and Panel businesses can increase profitability while lowering electricity bills

Paint and Panel businesses across the country are facing increasing challenges - rents have increased, parts are more expensive, wage bills are higher and consumers are demanding more at a lower cost.

Naturally, increasing profitability is the core goal for many businesses, but where do you even begin?

What if your business could be more energy efficient, operate at a lower cost, and it would require little to no effort and minimal upfront cost on your part?

Stylemaster Panels

Sylemaster Panels is the go-to for the highest level of auto body repair service and workmanship in Richmond Victoria and has been since 1959.

As an esteemed member of Capricorn, Stylemaster Panels were keen to bring down their day-to-day costs and reduce their reliance on the grid by generating their own clean energy.

Like many, as a thriving panel business with a list of expenses they wanted to ensure there was little to no impact to their cash flow.

After speaking with Capricorn’s solar partner Choice Energy, it was determined solar was viable for the business, and a solution was designed to ensure the investment made a substantial impact on their electricity costs.

As a result of installing solar and creating their own energy, Stylemaster has seen a significant cost reduction in energy bills, meaning the business can hold on to more of their profits.

For the period of May 2020 versus May 2021, the business saw a reduction of 67% in energy costs.

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Solar doesn’t need to be expensive

As a Paint and Panel business, there are a range of funding and investment programs aimed at supporting businesses like yours with the uptake of renewable energy projects such as solar, including the Government’s STCs and LGCs scheme, and the recent increases to the Instant Asset Tax Write Off.

As a result, after installing solar, plenty of businesses have found themselves cash flow neutral or positive from day one, because the system finance payments are less than or equal to current energy costs. And once your system is paid for? Free, clean energy for the life of the system.

Could solar help your business to reduce its costs?

While solar can be a great solution for businesses to reduce their electricity bills and increase their profit margin, it is not the best solution for every business, so it’s best to get a qualified assessment to determine if it’s right for you.

If you answer yes to the below questions, there is a good chance solar could work for you:

  • Are you spending more than $500 per month (on average) on electricity?
  • Will you be at your site for more than 5 years
  • Do you own or lease your site? Solar can be ideal for tenants and building owners!

Take back control of your energy

Speak to one of our Choice Energy Assessors for a free energy evaluation today!

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