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Does your business have a finance manager? Then you need an energy manager

Despite being one of the world’s most expensive countries when it comes to the price of energy, few Australian businesses are aware of the opportunities to save and optimise their commercial bills. Instead, the financial focus often only revolves around tax, cost of production and ensuring output remains as optimised as possible, accepting energy costs as an immovable pain point.

Energy bills are often one of the largest costs on a business’s balance sheet, with few finance managers understanding the opportunity for savings. And perhaps rightly so: A recent study commissioned on behalf of Powershop discovered 57% of the quizzed Australians found the energy market difficult to understand, while 67% believed energy prices are deliberately confusing. It is a treacherous market for those who cannot be kept constantly in the loop or dedicated to its fluctuations.

We say it often: Using energy is a fact of life, but paying dearly for it does not have to be. So rather than placing risk and burden onto your finance manager’s shoulders, we invite you instead to bring to the team your dedicated expert: An energy manager from Choice Energy.

Little risk for high reward

Your energy manager from Choice Energy is a low cost investment for potentially high gain, thanks to our core functions remaining at low or no cost to you.

As your dedicated energy broker, we are able to put your energy needs to tender, commanding competitive offers from up to sixteen different retailers. This service has seen thousands of our customers reduce their energy costs, some by tens of thousands per month, with no cost to them, as our fee is instead paid by the energy provider.

When you join the 86% of our customers who opt in for SHIELD metering and monitoring, your fees for this comprehensive ongoing service is simply added to your existing metering charge line item on your bill.

Processes like this mean your Choice Energy management sees a positive return on your investment, with no upfront costs or investments required.

Energy Procurement Manager

Streamlining your efficiency

Just as your finance manager flags essential changes and deadlines, so too does your energy manager. Your energy agreements are tracked, reducing the risk of you falling out of an agreed contract and putting you at risk of default fees, which may return you to exorbitant energy costs.

Likewise, your energy manager is keeping abreast of changing market trends and opportunities. During the pandemic in 2020 - early 2021, Choice Energy was able to optimise hundreds of businesses with dramatically lower cost energy agreements due to a plummet in demand, resulting in a downturn of wholesale energy costs unseen in the last six years. Combining this trend with the advanced understanding of Forward Contracting even locked in dramatic savings for those still in existing agreements.

On demand with more ways to save

As a comprehensive energy firm, Choice Energy offers more than just management services. For us to be able to offer a holistic view, we are also the provider of choice for thousands of businesses in Australia and New Zealand seeking high quality commercial solar as a way of reducing both costs and environmental impact.

Because our focus is on lowering your costs and helping you lose less, your Choice Energy commercial solar system is designed to balance cost with gain, and aim for an optimal ROI. This means a bespoke system, rather than a “standard” size and begins with a complimentary solar feasibility assessment to give you the lowdown on how solar can be not just a sustainability profile improvement, but also a savvy business decision.

If your turnover and business growth is adequate to need financial management, could an energy manager bring further benefit? It’s free to find out. Call us on 1300 304 448 or via our contact form here to learn more about how energy management with Choice Energy could optimise your bills and save you thousands.

Take back control of your energy

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