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A breakdown of Energy Brokering for businesses

How we go beyond comparing business electricity providers.

An energy provider or supplier is the retail group who provides your site with electricity, and are the group with the logo on your energy bill. Providers are here to offer you deals on how much you pay per kWh on your electricity, usually in the form of an ongoing contract. For businesses, these contracts usually span a longer period of time than residential agreements, and may not be as flexible, so it's essential to ensure you are getting the best deal to suit your needs.

How we do it at Choice Energy:

> We’ll secure the best energy deal for you and your business needs

> Then, we’ll make sure your new energy saving contract is in place with a seamless transition.

> From there, we’ll keep you proactively engaged in cost reduction strategies.

We’re not an energy comparison website. We’re energy management experts.

Our way of finding and providing you with key energy insights isn’t just about plugging in a few numbers and bombarding you with results. We work with a range of top quality energy retailers to ensure your agreement is ideal for your business needs, and make professional recommendations that align with your needs. We’ll then continue to work with you on a range of energy management solutions that complement your new energy agreement, ensuring your usage, as well as your pricing, is optimised to save your business money.

As the price of wholesale power fluctuates, Choice Energy is vigilant about keeping your operations energy efficient. By helping you use less, we’re also your assurance against future energy price hikes.

We’re independent, Australian owned, and here to protect you against rising electricity prices

Since 2008, Australia has seen an alarming increase in energy costs, and remains one of the top countries when it comes to expensive electricity. Using energy is an essential part of your business, meaning you cannot afford to remain oblivious to the impact it has on your bottom line.

Rather than add yet another concern to your plate, partnering yourself with Choice Energy allocates you with an energy management specialist that provides you with in-depth intel and strategies to save you money and lower your bills. Our team is experienced in understanding your industry and how you use energy, and look to advanced opportunities that can translate into thousands of dollars saved month by month.

Frequently asked questions about comparing electricity providers for my business:

Will I be charged for your energy comparison services?

No - The service for you is completely free. Much like any brokering service, we receive a fee from the energy provider you sign with, which means we can work on finding you with the best agreement possible from our dozen of high quality energy suppliers.

Why can’t I do this myself?

There is no stopping you from looking at your different opportunities - but wouldn’t you prefer to spend that time focusing on your business instead? We do all the legwork when it comes to finding you a new energy retailer, and give you an expert summary of findings instead - No jargon or industry terms to struggle with, or confusing sales people on your phone.

How does comparing business energy retailers differ to residential ones?

Residential agreements and commercial energy agreements differ in structure, simply because the demand for energy is different. You will see a lot more flexibility in residential agreements, which is why ensuring you are making the best educated decisions is essential to keeping your costs low. With an energy management expert on your team, we can look to what terms and length of agreement best suits your needs.

How frequently should I change my energy agreement?

This depends on a wide range of factors but typically we have found we’re able to secure better results for our clients well ahead of your contract renewal expiry date, especially if that date is EOCY or EOFY. Furthermore, if your agreement is expiring in one year and the cost of energy is low, it may be worth securing a new contract at that lower rate for a longer term. Even if you are locked in for a little longer, we can utilise forward contracting to lock in a favourable rate available today that your current contract will then turn into. Likewise, you may decide commercial solar is in the future for you - This means changes to your use and demand of energy are imminent, which will positively impact your tariff charges and overall bill.

Let’s get started on comparing your electricity provider today.

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