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Future Proofing your business

Australia has one of the most expensive energy markets in the world, with no likelihood to change any time soon. As more coal power stations close, and no political compass for what comes after, we can anticipate seeing the cost of energy continue to rise, as demand increases thanks to population growth and technology development.

So what can you do to future proof your business, and protect yourself from this oncoming concern?

Partner with a business energy management expert

Energy management and strategy is what we do best. Rather than place even more pressure on your shoulders to learn about wholesale electricity costs, tariffs and demand, we work alongside you to develop and discover ways you can save money on your energy bills, and depend less on expensive grid-energy.

We sit independently to energy providers, meaning we are able to operate with your needs and savings at the forefront of everything we do. This allows us to foster relationships with providers that offer transparency and the best opportunities for you and your business.

Like an accountant, lawyer or financial advisor, you know that choosing to work with people who speak the language helps you make the right decisions. Why wouldn’t you do the same for your energy?

Let’s talk about managing your energy.

Commercial solar that makes sense, and saves dollars

If you’ve considered solar energy for your site, factory or office in the last ten years, you may be pleasantly surprised to know it is even more cost effective than ever. As the price of solar systems has dropped, the demand for sustainably minded businesses has increased, making your investment in renewable energy even more beneficial than before.

For high energy users, like businesses, solar energy is a fantastic way to cut through the increasing costs of grid-energy. Rather than relying on energy that comes with a price dictated by a volatile and fluctuating market, you’ll be generating clean and cost-free energy from the panels on your roof during the day. For many of our clients, high quality solar is cash flow

positive, as the money saved on your energy bill is equal to or more than the cost of your solar system.

As an energy management firm, we ensure your solar system is high quality, and designed specifically to the needs of your business. Our years of experience in the energy market mean understanding the difference between panels, inverters and tech, ensuring our advice and systems are of premium standard. We stand by our commitment to quality with our warranties, education and monthly reporting that shows you how much your new solar system is saving you each month.

Learn more about commercial solar energy

Saving on your bills is more than just switching the lights off

Did you know there are more than 25 factors that can influence your energy bill, beyond the use of energy itself? For that reason alone, our advice for future proofing your business goes beyond simply switching off more often.

For some businesses, real savings come from optimising your bill itself. For example, you might find your demand tariff needs to be adjusted, or brought down with the help of commercial solar. Likewise, older buildings and factories may be at the burden of higher bills due to old fashioned fixtures and lighting. When you put in the time to identify these opportunities, the savings grow, sometimes by thousands of dollars each month.

We know you’re a busy business owner, so why not leave that hard work to us? As your energy management specialists, we’re here to provide you with genuine savings opportunities, and ensure your use remains optimised year on year.

Reach out today to book a chat about your business energy needs.

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