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Choice Energy joins the National Customer Code for Energy Brokers, Consultants & Retailers

If you’re an existing customer, you’ll know first-hand our commitment to transparency and giving our best when it comes to optimising your energy spend.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce that we’ve taken this commitment further, with COO Alan Gill becoming a member of the inaugural Customer Code Council for the National Customer Code for Energy Brokers, Consultants & Retailers.

The objective of the National Customer Code for Energy Brokers, Consultants and Retailers is to offer large energy customers confidence that those involved are working together in the best interests of our customers, and delivering value.

This Customer Code is designed to raise the standards of practice, strengthen trust and confidence and deliver better outcomes for large energy users, and was brought about as a means of addressing some of the concerns about third party intermediaries’ selling practices raised in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Retail Electricity Pricing Inquiry Report 2018.

“Over the years I've had the immense pleasure to listen and speak with customers each day and hear their collective concerns,” said Gill.

“The Energy Charter's Customer Code for Energy Brokers, Consultants and Retailers is a very important step towards fairer energy for all Australians and I am pleased to be working alongside a fellow group of passionate individuals from organisations who are committed to the delivery of safe, affordable and high quality energy solutions to all customers no matter their circumstances.

“As the code mirrors the ABCD of values at Choice Energy, we're proud to help shape it and look forward to continuing to uphold its standards," he said.

As part of his role on the Council Alan has:

  • Provided insights into ongoing customer challenges, whilst suggesting remedies to systemically remedy them
  • Helped to form a benchmark of best practice which puts the customer first without unfairly disadvantaging retailers or intermediaries
  • Introduced other market participants such as metering providers to ensure a wider perspective for considering industry bottlenecks

In short? We’re standing by the belief that all Australian large energy users deserve confidence and understanding at every step of their journey.

Learn more about the National Customer Code for Energy Brokers,Consultants & Retailers and Energy Charter here.

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