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What size commercial solar system do I need?

It might seem like simple maths you can do on the back of an envelope: The more panels, the more solar energy. The more solar energy, the lower your bills. However, because your business energy bill is calculated from a range of charges in addition to your energy usage, it’s not quite as simple. That’s where experts like us come in - We understand and optimise energy bills alongside providing high quality commercial solar solutions, meaning we can create a holistic energy management solution for you and your business.

Choosing commercial solar panels for your factory, site or office doesn’t need to be difficult when you’re speaking to the right people. At Choice Energy, we’re a full spectrum energy management group, which means we’re here to assist you with a solar system for your business that makes sense for your usage.

What we consider when assessing your feasibility for your commercial solar system

Your daily usage
How much energy you use can impact the final return on investment of your commercial solar system.

What time you use your energy

A solar system without a battery functions during the day when the sun is shining. If the majority of your energy use is during the day, like many factories and offices, you will benefit more from commercial solar alone than a company that functions during night hours. With that said, solar batteries harness that daytime energy and store it for you, so if you are a night functioning business, you can learn more about them here.

How much you wish to offset

This is the part that slips up business owners the most, and where a DIY approach to requesting the size of your solar panels can mean less of a financial return. Your energy bill is a complicated document, and if you’re a high energy user, your charges aren’t just the cost of the energy itself. This means that lowering your bills through solar needs to be carefully assessed by the experts - Thankfully, we’re here to do that for you, and we do it for free.

Where you are located

Different states in Australia have different average sunlight hours - but don’t let that fool you. We have thousands of extremely happy customers in Tasmania, Victoria and New Zealand who see incredible savings all year round despite not being known for their sunshine.

How much roof space you have

Roof-mounting your solar panels is not your only option, but it is a cost and space effective one. Once installed, your panels are set and forget (except for the occasional service) so a flat, wide roof that isn’t impeded by taller buildings, hills or trees is the perfect spot for your solar solution.

Never fear: We’re the experts in making panels work for even the most challenging rooftops. It’s as simple as reaching out to us to learn how feasible your location is, and doesn’t always require a site visit. Organise your no-obligations conversation today with one of our seasoned solar team members, and discover what commercial solar can offer your business.

Take back control of your energy

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