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In the News: Politics, an increased tax break for businesses and the electric vehicle lie

Politics and an increased tax break for businesses

The polls predicted Brexit wouldn’t happen, Trump would never be president and Bill Shorten would be Australia’s current PM. The amount of hours Australians spent watching, reading and listening to what in hindsight, was poor advice is astonishing.

In business, you can sit around speculating on current affairs, or you can focus on what you can control. During this election campaign, our team has been focusing on improving our business.

We have installed a new technology platform to help better manage our installations; rebuilt our website to help prospective clients gain a better understanding of how we can reduce their energy costs; and in New Zealand, not only have we started working with new strategic partners, but we have also completed our first solar installation.

In Australia, one upside of the Liberal win for businesses looking for solar, is the instant asset write off has been upgraded to $30k for businesses with a turnover of up to $50 million. And we’re seeing savvy business owners capitalise on this.

Are electric vehicles really that much greener in Australia?

There was a lot of talk about electric vehicles during the federal election.

But the fact is: electric vehicles will completely disrupt the energy market and distribution grids which today would be unable to support the rapid uptake nationwide.

Right now, there is a street in Toorak, Victoria, that keeps having blackouts because there are six Tesla cars being charged at once!

The ‘Anti Electric Car’ rhetoric has gained momentum with recent reports showing Australia is the third worst country for carbon emissions whilst charging EV’s, due to our reliance on fossil fuel power in our grids (see the graph below).

Effectively, that means, if you have an electric vehicle and you don’t have your own solar power solution, you are charging your electric vehicle with fossil fuels.

In a recent review, BP suggested it would be more emissions-friendly by focusing on more fuel-efficient combustion engines. Make what you want of that.

And when Uber Air takes to the skies in Melbourne, one would assume its electric vehicles will be powering up from current infrastructure.

While some are taking to the electric vehicle with gusto, a few are concerned with exactly how 'clean' they are. If owning an electric vehicle increases your environmental impact and makes you a large consumer of power, are they really the way forward to a 'greener' world? We'll have to wait and watch.

If you are concerned with your rising dependence on grid-power and want to keep your energy expenditure under control, reach out to our energy consultants for an obligation-free assessment.

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