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Solar for Commercial Tenants: What you need to know

You know that solar is an environmentally-friendly, clean source of cheap energy that allows less dependency on the increasingly costly grid. But if you’re a tenant, you might be concerned that a solar power system for your business is out of your reach.

Here is some good news: Commercial solar for tenants is easier than you may believe.

Let us bust a few myths you might have about investing in solar when you don’t own your commercial site or property.

If I install solar panels, they will damage my landlord’s property and I will have to pay for that at the end of my lease

False. Solar panels are a ‘retro-fit’, meaning they are installed using existing elements of the property. Our high quality aluminium railing is attached to roof beams using existing screw holes and screw lines. The installer simply utilises this existing feature by removing the screw, placing the bracket over the hole, and replacing the screw. The installer connects the system into the main switchboard itself, leaving existing elements uninterrupted.

If I leave my premises, the solar system stays and I lose my investment

Surprising to many, this is also false. One of the brilliant things about solar power is that the system can be dismantled and moved. Provided your new location offers a comparable level of sunlight and a few other feasibility elements, you can take your system with you and have it reinstalled. Simple!

Alternatively, your landlord might see the solar system as an asset to the property and request for it to remain. A transfer for the title of a system attracts a nominal fee, putting cash back in your pocket for making the switch in the first place.

Solar Power for commercial properties is expensive

Between many of the available commercial grants and incentives for solar systems, and the staggering rise of grid energy, plenty of our clients have found themselves cash flow positive from day one with their new solar system, because the system payments are less than or equal to current energy costs. As the energy you generate through the solar system isn’t costing you anything, you are seeing no detriment to your current cash flow and reducing the carbon footprint of your company at the same time. And once your system is paid for? Free, clean energy for the life of the system.

I’ll lose power to my premises while it’s being installed, so I lose revenue

Like all accredited providers, ensuring your staff and our installers are safe is our number one priority. Generally speaking, we do not need to turn off your power during installation, and do our best to ensure any required shut-downs do not interrupt your work flow. We are conscious of your need to continue production, so remain mindful at all times of providing you with an installation that integrates with your requirements.

We’ve worked with a wide range of tenants who’ve made the business investment in solar as a long term strategy, including the re-installation of existing panels when the tenant has moved location. Starting the ball rolling begins with a site feasibility assessment, which we offer as a complimentary service. It’s easy to book yours in - Simply contact us here with a few details, and we’ll do the rest.

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