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Choice Energy brings lower energy costs to New Zealand businesses

Choice Energy, a leading energy solutions company, has announced its expansion into New Zealand, continuing its growth as a successful end-to-end energy management consultancy.

Founded in 2013 by Christopher Dean and Alan Gill (pictured, left), Choice Energy has established an enviable track record of helping commercial businesses to substantially reduce their bills through group energy buying and, where appropriate, switching to solar.

The business doubled in size in 2017-18, with revenue increasing by 987% since 2015 to $10.5 million.Choice Energy’s rapid growth was recognised when it won the 2018 Smart Company Smart50 Award.

CEO Christopher Dean said New Zealand had always been a part of the company’s growth plans and that the time was right to enter that energy market.

“This is an exciting time for Choice Energy,” Dean said. “Having grown our operations across all of Australia, New Zealand represents a natural progression for us in terms of our expansion.

“Our mission is simple. We are here to help New Zealand businesses reduce their energy costs by using less power and paying less for it.”

Mr Dean said that following Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s proposed new bill to cut New Zealand’s non-agriculture carbon emissions to zero by 2050, Choice Energy’s entrance into the country’s energy market was especially timely.

“Under New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme, carbon prices are forecast to increase significantly in the next decade to encourage more widespread efforts to reduce emissions,”said Dean.

"The proposed energy bill will impose substantial costs for New Zealand businesses. Rather than waiting to be hit in the pocket due to higher carbon prices, solar electricity could be a good option for these businesses to avoid higher additional costs,” Dean said.

Choice Energy’s first New Zealand office is in Auckland, and the company has appointed Jordan Smart as Director (pictured, right, below, with COO Alan Gill). Jordan believes the company’s values around environmental sustainability align sharply with New Zealanders.

Jordan and Alan

“New Zealanders are rightly proud of our global leadership around eco­friendly and sustainable power generation,” said Smart. “As early adopters of sustainable energy we also get that renewable energy is not just an environmental statement, it also makes economic sense.

“Backed by the Choice Energy team, I look forward to helping New Zealand businesses find substantial savings on their energy costs by paying less for their power and using less of it.” Smart said.

With so much to offer businesses, it’s little wonder the popularity of Choice services offering is continuing to grow.

Smart said Choice Energy would offer the same services and solutions as those currently provided to their Australian-based customers in New Zealand.

“We are here to assist New Zealand businesses in this transition to a low carbon future, without coming at a cost for your business.”


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