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Choice Energy launches new website

Choice Energy has officially launched a new website as it continues on its growth and expansion trajectory as an industry leading energy management consultancy.

The business has worked closely with design partner Spicy Web to create a website that gives customers the opportunity to get to know the company better, along with its services and values, and the leadership team behind the business.

“As our business continues to expand, the goal of our new website is to provide our customers and potential customers with clear and transparent information, as well as visibility on the services we offer to help them make informed decisions about their energy needs,” said Choice Energy Chief Executive Officer Christopher Dean.

“There are a lot of businesses who offer solar, and many that offer energy management. We believe we’ve done the best job in marrying these two vital services together to be able to help businesses use less power and pay less to use it.

“We position ourselves as a truly holistic, end-to-end energy management company for business, and continue to be recognised as leaders in market.

“Many Aussie businesses are unaware they can get a commercial solar installer for no upfront cost, as the savings on their electricity bills can pay off a Choice Energy solar system. We wear the risk and guarantee the solar output for commercial businesses because we believe our solution is the best on the Australian market.

“Our values underpin everything we do, and we wanted our website to reflect that,” Mr Dean said.

Choice Energy’s new website is divided into five sections and has shifted to have a more customer-centric layout so visitors can easily locate the information they need and review detailed descriptions of the services Choice Energy offers.

“We have included video content to provide visitors with information they need to evaluate our services and demonstrate why we are recognised as leading energy brokers in the market,” Mr Dean said.

Visitors can explore case studies of past and current Choice Energy projects that showcase services provided, with real life examples of the differences they have made to businesses.

Mr Dean explains the notion of group buying, as it's largely known, that has saved hundreds of Choice Energy customers thousands of dollars. This works by large numbers of customers using their collective purchasing power to negotiate discounts from energy retailers.

“With energy continuing to be one of the largest costs for Australian businesses, our customers are recognising the value in acting co-operatively with the aim of getting better energy deals.

“By grouping together with energy procurement companies and pooling our customers’ buying power, we can achieve better purchasing economies. This means we can offer the best energy tariffs, that are typically reserved only for the largest companies.

“We have relationships with thirteen energy retailers who give us better deals than you can find on comparison sites.”

A recent example is the partnership between Choice Energy and Australian Hotels Association (AHA South Australia), which represents and protects the commercial interests of more than 630 hoteliers throughout South Australia.

Choice Energy partnered with AHA SA to secure a collective energy procurement tender comprised of 47 of their hotels.

“With electricity costs as high as they are, the AHA was interested in exploring how it could help its member hotels to reduce their energy bills,” Mr Dean explains.

“We executed the contract at the bottom of the market and we also aligned the contracts to reflect a preferred start date, with the winning retailer price locked in for two years. This meant we could secure a deal that was 15% cheaper than if it were secured outside of a group buying arrangement, with our offering $377,000 cheaper than anything a rival could offer.”

As a result of the group tender, AHA SA member hotels saved more than $2 million over two years, when compared to their previous contract.

While price is the first and most obvious benefit of switching to Choice Energy, Mr Dean says customers will ultimately end up with better overall service.

“Going forward, we will continue to communicate regularly on the latest industry news and insights via our new website, as well as upcoming events where you can meet some of our team.”

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