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Five Energy-Switching Myths to Help You Stay on Top of Your Energy Spend

Have you had the same energy retailer for years and are wondering if you can save more?
Between 30 and 40 per cent of energy, users switch energy retailers every year. If this isn’t you, we highly encourage you to explore what energy rates are available to ensure you’re paying the most competitive price for your energy use.

If your energy retailer is looking after you, great – stay with them.

If you would like a free assessment of your energy bills to identify potential savings, contact us and we’ll review your use against up to 13 energy retailers.

If you're worried about the process of changing energy retailers, let Choice Energy debunk five of the most common myths about changing energy retailers.

1. The highest discount is the lowest rate

A common sales tactic is to offer a large percentage discount to attract clients, however, the rate you pay after the discount is what you need to look at.

For example, 30% off .36 cent rate = $.25 cents. Whereas 0% discount from a .19 cent rate will be cheaper without needing a fancy discount

2. My power will be disconnected during a switch

Switching energy retailers is a seamless process. At no point during the changeover will you be without power. Your supply is consistent regardless of who is billing you. When you sign up with a new energy retailer, they handle informing your current retailer of the changeover to ensure a smooth transition.

3. The savings aren’t worth the hassle

Switching is easy and no hassle. All you have to do is send your latest utility bill to Choice Energy and we do all the work. We are not a comparison site. One of our experts will review your bill and rates against our network of retailers to lock in the most competitive price for you. What if you could save $800 by speaking to Choice Energy for 5 minutes? We manage the entire switch on your behalf.

4. My equipment might be affected, or electricity quality may reduce

A common misconception in the energy market is that your retailer is supplying you the electricity. The retailer is primarily responsible for billing you for the electricity you use. The electricity is already in the wires and poles and it’s the same quality of power coming into your building, no matter who your energy retailer is.

5. I am rewarded for staying with one retailer for years

Most people assume because they have been with their energy retailer for a long time, they are being rewarded with the most competitive rates or highest discount structure. In fact, the opposite is true at times. Many energy retailers have models where discount structures are removed once your initial contract term is up.

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