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When Solar Is Not Enough

Commercial solar is designed to do one thing: reduce consumption from the grid by producing power locally from the sun. With rapidly increasing energy costs, solar provides a very effective method in producing long-term savings for businesses. However, reducing consumption is only a fraction of a business’s energy profile.

As much as 70% of power costs can be due to network tariffs, which if not assessed properly, will not be reduced by solar power and will likely increase over time, costing businesses more and more.

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Similarly, without a blind tender process to assess retail power rates, solar will provide a strong return for the majority of the peak load but businesses may be overcharged by their retailer for as much as 60% of their residual power.

This is where most businesses are not properly serviced by their solar provider. Without the resources or the knowledge to review network tariffs, provide bill validation, improve power factor, provide premium feed in tariffs etc. businesses are wasting millions of dollars a year.

Choice Energy’s mission is to disrupt the energy market and protect our clients in an industry that has made them vulnerable. As a result, Choice Energy offers a range of energy solutions to help customers reduce their costs.

With every solar installation, Choice Energy customers receive a full energy audit to assess other areas of efficiency, as well as a dedicated account manager for life.

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