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Choice Energy’s Customer Satisfaction With Solar Installs

National Customer Satisfaction with Solar Installs

Despite the massive uptake of solar recently, one thing that hasn’t improved over the past five years is customer satisfaction.

  • 31% of system owners have no idea if they’re receiving a feed-in tariff
  • 57% of system owners don’t know if their system is working
  • 87% have had no correspondence around servicing or maintaining their system since installation.
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This last statistic speaks to the heart of the problem with most solar projects.

Once the equipment is installed, there is no incentive for the installer to stay in contact. As a result, the majority of solar system owners have absolutely no idea how their investment is performing.

This forces them to spend valuable time learning how to track, analyse and service their solar system, or just remain hopeful that everything is working as it should.

The best-case scenario is a functional system with a customer struggling to grasp if it is actually working.

The worst-case scenario is a system that has been dysfunctional for weeks, months or years, and only a customer’s high electricity bills trigger curiosity to have an inspection.

In many cases, businesses will be making double payments on the financed cost of solar plus their high-power bills, which can result in tens of thousands of dollars in lost savings.

The same is true if installers don’t help facilitate their customer’s LGC accreditation and meter upgrades so that feed-in tariffs can be paid.

Choice Energy’s holistic approach to energy ensures an ongoing relationship with our customers for the long-term, far beyond the final installation of their solar system.

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