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Choice Energy’s Carbon Reduction Through Solar

Australian owned and operated, Choice Energy has been rated as one of the fastest growing businesses by the Australian Financial Review.

Our Story

Being huge advocates of using sustainable renewable energy to drive economic benefits, we are committed to helping Australia reduce its carbon footprint.

We take the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development seriously.

Our Results So Far

Results So Far

Choice Energy solar systems produce over 11,000,000 kWh annually and we have secured over $4,200,000 in government funding to help business and residents save money on their energy.

That is the equivalent of powering 924 homes a year. Choice Energy has not only helped reduce Australia’s carbon footprint but also help business owners take back control over their electricity bills.

Choice Energy’s carbon reduction commitment

We are committed to doubling our solar power production to over 22,000,000 kWh per year. This will help Australia to meet its renewable energy target as we move towards an environmentally and economically sustainable energy ecosystem for everyone.

See how we helped Replas reduce their carbon footprint:

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