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Helping Brewers Save On Their Energy Costs Through Solar

There is no doubt about it, Australians love beer. And here at Choice Energy, we have a real appreciation for the independent brewers cultivating delicious tasting beers across the country. With the typical brewer spending $3,500 a month, solar can be a viable option for many of these businesses who want to stay competitive by keeping operational expenditure down.

Choice Energy recently partnered with the Independent Brewers Association, the national industry body for independent brewers, to help their members save on energy costs.

As a result of our partnership with the IBA, we’ve been able to achieve some great results for their members, including:

  • Government funding acquired: $175,878
  • Projected savings: $115,200 per year
  • Individual brewer savings: $7,000 – 18,000 per year
  • Total kW: 300kW

As a truly end-to-end energy management company, we’ve been able to support some of these businesses with solar – or if solar wasn’t viable, our energy procurement services.

As part of our turnkey solar solutions, we:

  • Determine eligibility for solar by reviewing bill and roof space
  • Produce a solar feasibility assessment outlining the costs and payback period
  • Seek and secure government grants* to put towards funding the system
  • Undertake site and electrical engineering inspections, process finance applications (if required) and apply for grid connection, and coordinate installation
  • Monitor your system ongoing post installation, ensuring it’s working as it should.

*Our membership with the Clean Energy Council enables us to access federal funding for eligible customers as part of the Renewable Energy Target. This includes access to Renewable Energy Certificates including Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and Large Scale Generation Certificates (LSGs). Gaining certification can generate annuity revenue or direct credits for your business depending on the size of your system generating electricity.

Determining your eligibility and applying the formulas for calculating Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) can be complex and time-consuming. We can help.

Make sure you give these beer brands a try next time you see them!

Brewer Energy Costs_Header Image

Beer Garden Brewing, South Australia

Beer Garden Brewing is located in Port Lincoln on the pristine Eyre Peninsula, known for its surf beaches, recreational and commercial fishing, shark cage diving and wheat and barley farming. They use local grain in every beer they brew and hold sustainability as a key value with solar power, use of rainwater for brewing, recycling of wastewater, an edible beer garden and spent grain from the brewing process feeding cows that later return to our menu to close the loop.

Beer Garden Brewing

Kaiju Beer, Victoria

Brothers Nat and Callum Reeves are dedicated to perfecting the art of crafting devastatingly good Victorian beer and cider.

For over 15 years, they have been home brewing, making beers for parties and their own consumption.

They’re brand Kaiju Beer has won a bunch of awards for their beers and offer a great range of merchandise showcasing their quirky branding.

View the Kaiju Beer case study

Kaiju Beer

Slipstream Brewing, Queensland

Slipstream Brewing is an independent brewery and cellar door in Yeerongpilly. Slipstream brew and enjoy all kinds of beer. And they craft all of their beers with balance, giving due credit to the malt, yeast, and water they use, and the important parts they play. But there’s a special place in their hearts for hops. They love the freshness and the juiciness, the zing and the zest. They love to explore different dimensions in IPAs, try interesting new styles, and create sessional beers that blow you away.

Slipstream Brewing

Batch Brewing Co, New South Wales

Batch Brewing Co is a craft brewery in the inner-west of Sydney. They brew beer the traditional way, hand crafted and batch by batch. Brewing since 2013, they make a wide range of excellent, predominantly US influenced craft beer.

Batch Brewing Co

Yullis Brews, New South Wales

What happens when you combine a couple of mates, a bar full of the best craft beer NSW has to offer and a felafel roll working lunch? It seems the answer is a craft brewery! These were the exact ingredients that resulted in James Harvey and Karl Cooney forming Yulli’s Brews and releasing their first batch of beer in September 2014. After many years working at craft beer venue Yulli’s Restaurant in Surry Hills, Sydney, James and Karl sought to brew beer that could both stand alone in your everyday pub and also accompany food in a fine dining experience.


Bodriggy Brewing Co, Victoria

Bodriggy’s beer is shameless. Brewed with false oaths, a single wild idea and vainglory. Just like the man himself.

With a brewing house soon to open in Abbotsford Victoria, Bodriggy Brewing Co have some exciting times ahead.


Ocean Reach Brewing, Victoria

By using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, and combining them with their passion for craft beer – Ocean Reach Brewing’s aim is to provide the gold standard in the craft beer experience. They also take sustainability seriously. From production to the very first sip, they take every measure to ensure that their carbon footprint and water usage is minimised.

Ocean Reach Brewing

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