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Three Essential Facts About Energy Bills All Business Operators Should Know

It's the line item on your Profits and Loss sheet that we grow less fond of year in and out: Electricity and Gas.

It grows each year while delivering you the same result, leaving a bitter taste for many businesses focused on sustainable growth.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. What many financial controllers and business owners aren’t aware of is the key opportunities to reduce dependency and gain a little more control over your energy bills.

Here are three key facts about optimising your large energy contracts:

1. You can negotiate mid way through a contracts

It’s called “blend and extend”. The power market is increasingly volatile and if you were unfortunate enough to lock in a contract when prices were high, you might be feeling caught between rock and a hard place. Fear not: With some comprehensive brokering, you may be able to negotiate a “smoothed” rate by extending your contract out a further year and accepting a lower rate.

Already Choice Energy has saved clients tens of thousands of dollars per annum with creative re contracting via our team of skilled energy experts. From aged health care to hospitality, we’ve provided groups and individual businesses with bespoke energy management solutions that put them on a better path in controlling their bills and paying less.

2. Your networks charges can be brought down

Your energy retailer tells you that your ever-growing network and demand charges are thanks to rising costs from your distributor (wires and poles). Sound familiar?

What you’re not being told is that these charges can be reduced by switching to an optimised tariff. Your demand costs can also be reset, plus installing an energy efficient Power Factor Corrector means you could be seeing paybacks within only 18 - 24 months.

3. Solar doesn’t have to create enough energy to power all of your equipment to benefit your energy bills

Many large market business operators turn their back on solar because their usage is too high, or their usage runs 24/7. Solar isn’t a silver bullet solution - that much is true - but what these operators are neglecting to recognise is the steady base load solar creates, and how this translates into less money spent on energy.

Whether a solar system covers 5% or 75% of your needs, it's a no brainer: That free, clean energy you’re generating with your roof-top power plant will cost you less than what you’d pay relying on fickle and volatile grid energy.

So, how can we help your business spend less money on energy? You can call our energy management team on 1300 765 682 or contact us here to talk about a solution that’s right for you and your business.

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