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Our Performance Guarantee

As our motto goes: We're here to help you use less, and pay less for energy.

Part of that commitment means ensuring your new Choice Energy solar system performs in a way that maximises your energy savings with ongoing high performance.

While working with your energy expert, we'll provide you with a predicted performance of your quoted system. This generation prediction outlines the output you can expect from your system, and is covered by our5-year guarantee: Choice Energy guarantees a portion of the predicted output, with money back if the generation falls below a minimum threshold.

Coupled with 24-hour live monitoring and your monthly solar report, you'll experience true ongoing support and confidence in your system. Our performance guarantee is further enhanced by a:

- 5-year workmanship warranty

- 25-year panel warranty

- 10-year inverter warranty

to ensure your system is right for you today, tomorrow and well into the future.

We believe your investment in renewable energy deserves to be rewarded with minimal risk and economic impact: The only regret you'll have is not installing a Choice Energy solar solution sooner.

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