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What does 2020 hold for Choice Energy?

2019 was a dynamic year for Choice Energy, presenting us with plenty of opportunities to make life easier for our clients by helping them ‘use less and pay less’ for their power. The end of the year saw us hit 32,000 customers energy requirements reviewed, an energising number to see as we come into a fresh decade. So, how did we do last year, and what are we looking forward to next?

Automation and AI

2019: We launched a new software solution aimed to improve our solar installations arm and enhance our customer communications, keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to offering quality service.

We also gained massive traction with our refreshed Bill Validation solution, using Artificial Intelligence to scrape data from our clients’ electricity bills, verifying it with meter data and determining whether they’re getting charged correctly, potentially saving them thousands of dollars.

2020: We’re looking forward to implementing more software and technology that supports our team in offering accurate, high quality service to more people across Australia and New Zealand. Entering a new decade, it is exciting to speculate what these developments will look like and how they will impact Choice Energy, and the industry as a whole.

Growing the team, here and overseas

2019: We were extremely proud to announce our successful launch into New Zealand, led by a new indefatigable NZ director. The New Zealand approach to sustainability and business with ingrained environmental concern is an inspiring perspective we look forward to seeing more in Australia.

Amongst other hires in Australia, we attracted our vibrant Operations Manager and energy industry expert Financial Controller. Our total staff numbers grew by 37% in 2019 to meet the demand of our growing client base, and ensure we are functioning at our best.

2020: The New Zealand team is already set to expand this year as we seek out fresh, quality talent. Likewise, our Australian team continues to grow and diversify our mix with a range of energy experts and management roles. It’s a thrilling time to be part of the team.

Intrigued? Check out our open roles here.

Solar and Procurement

2019: Our solar installations are now responsible for taking 13,000 tonnes of carbon out of the atmosphere per annum, or the equivalent of reducing over 16,060,000 kWh of Australia’s fossil-fuelled power each year. In plain terms, this is the carbon sequester equivalent of planting around 187,758 tree seedlings.

Our energy management experts who are responsible for optimising the charges on our clients bills’ grew their portfolio by 63% over the past two years, reflecting the ongoing demand from business owners to better understand, evaluate and take control of volatile energy costs.


This year our energy management team will continue to identify new ways to meet business motivations of getting ahead and taking command of bills. With upcoming energy plant closures, this feels more and more relevant to Australian commercial premises, especially high volume users.

As the new decade ticked over, we were proud to become a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer, alongside the existing recognition of our accredited designers and installers. This reflects our ongoing commitment to high quality, safe and effective PV solar solutions.

What else is ahead for 2020?

It’s all centred around our customer experience and delivering on what we promise.

A quote that piqued my interest over the break was that “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”.

It's a quote of Leonardo Da Vinci’s that a coach of mine used when trying to settle his athletes’ hunger for a quick fix or silver bullet with their training.

At Choice Energy we have been guilty of taking on too many projects, offering too much and trying to change too often and too quickly.

What really matters is doing a good job and delivering on what you say, every time. If we start with this in mind, we can continue to look at complicated solutions that involve things like A.I., while reminding mindful of the fact that the customer doesn’t really care how we deliver what we promise just that we actually do deliver.

Focusing on this means:

  • Utilising our new strategy committee who will meet regularly throughout 2020 to brainstorm business improvement ideas.
  • Continuing to invest heavily in our staff development and perks for employees.
  • Rewarding clients who refer us to their network via a renewed referral programme.

Ultimately, 2020 for us is the year of the Say-Do. You don’t have to say it, but if you do, you must do it.

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