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Spotlight on agriculture: growing your produce not your energy spend

How’s your energy bill been looking lately? As the wholesale electricity market has risen, agricultural businesses across Australia have felt the rapid rate increases on their energy bills.

As a result, dependency on the grid to power your site feels a little like you’ve locked into a contract without any choice in the matter. After all, so many machines and buildings rely on regular, high volume energy.

Agricultural businesses across the country are realising the sunlight that grows your produce can now pay your bills too.

Commercial solar creates a self-sufficient power station of your own, harnessing sunlight to work harder and reduce your costs.

Agriculture Victoria is offering free on-farm energy assessments and on-farm energy grants that you can benefit from. Energy grants vary from $50,000 ex GST to up to $1,000,000 ex GST.

Recipients are required to contribute at least 50% of the total cash costs of the project.

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Is solar right for you?

Cool rooms, processing plants and packing sheds are common power demanders that benefit from the offset of solar energy.

What if I don't have the roof space?

Roof or ground-mounted, solar panels can be placed in a variety of locations across a range of site setups.

Perry Certified Strawberry-Runner Growers

Perry Certified Strawberry Runner Growers

Perry Certified Strawberry Runner Growers are Victoria's premier suppliers of strawberry plants.

Located in Victoria's most expensive region for distribution costs, the business was naturally eager to see if they could reduce their environmental impact and operational costs.

Through solar, the business will see immediate electricity savings from day one and a 60% reduction in their daytime energy demand.

The business is using their savings from their electricity bill, coupled with government funding to pay for the system.

Businesses have also recognised the benefits of solar is not only good for the environment, but great for business. Read our blog on the sustainability benefits of solar for your brand here.

Can solar reduce your growing costs?

So, how have those energy bills been looking lately? If the numbers aren’t feeling right, and you’re ready to put the power back in your hands, get in touch with one of our energy experts to discuss solar feasibility for your site

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