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Panel of experts Energy outlook 2024 event

Why attend this Australia-wide event

  • Are you prepared for 2024's electricity price peaks?
  • What about climate boiling, El Nino and the geo-political shifts?
  • Are you on top of the rebates, tax breaks and overcharging errors?

In this event you will learn:

Stay ahead with the latest electricity and solar news
Discover next opportunities to slash bills and boost sustainability
Position your business for success with probable scenarios
See how big energy users will leverage tariffs, tax breaks, errors to cut costs

  • *Please note: The webinar will include a 20 minute Q&A.
    • About our panel

      • Dan Plimak is founder and Managing Director of Energetica. Energetica's analytics and procurement portfolio delivers energy efficiency for government and businesses. They also offer solutions for running custom analytics. Energetica’s team is on a mission to deliver actionable financial predictions and insights beyond charts and graphs. Choice Energy is a proud customer of Energetica and its energy and sustainability-driven solutions.
      • Phil Casey is The Australian Steel Institute's (ASI) Strategic Relations and Compliance Manager. ASI represents, promotes and educates the Australian steel industry. They service over 500 companies and 5,000 members across the steel value chain. Choice is proud to partner with the ASI and help members save millions in energy costs while increasing energy efficiency, solar expansion and sustainability.
      • Chris Dean - With over 15 years of management and energy market experience across three continents, Chris has a passion for developing teams and making things happen. Chris came up with Choice Energy's business model and co-founded our company after identifying a gap in the market to help businesses use less and pay less for power, while driving sustainable outcomes.
      • Alan Gill - Our Executive Director and co-founder is a charismatic leader and family man who cares about people. He has a proven track record for inspiring and developing teams at, Symantec and DELL, where he was a director before Choice Energy. Since co-establishing Choice Energy, Alan has developed in-depth expertise in breakthrough partner models and industry strategies.

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      Who is Choice Energy?

      Choice Energy is an independent award-winning Australian energy consultancy and service provider specialising in energy procurement, energy efficiency and end-to-end quality commercial solar solutions. For over a decade, Choice energy has helped over 8,000 customers reduce energy costs, increase energy efficiency and drive sustainability. Our team of experts harnesses years of energy industry experience and breakthrough procurement technology and analytics to deliver unparalleled results across multiple business sectors Australia-wide.

      At a time of unprecedented energy market volatility and price hikes, businesses have been turning to us to tender, manage and monitor energy efficiency 24x7 and reduce grid energy costs. By working with an independent energy company, our customers can navigate the complexities of the energy market with a trusted partner. More

      Join us on Wednesday 22 November, 11am - 12pm AEST | Zoom Webinar

      *All registrants will be provided the opportunity for a complimentary energy assessment.

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