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Is your electricity contract up for renewal in the next two years?

Secure unprecedented rates now as part of the National Wholesale Market's 5-year-record low.

As part of your obligation-assessment Choice Energy can:

✔ Ensure you're on the most competitive energy rates now and see if you can benefit from the wholesale electricity market's 5-year record low

✔ Ensure the charges imposed by your network provider best reflect your usage and demand profile

✔ Identify if your business would benefit from independent metering, which replaces your retail metering and currently delivers little to no value and identifies incorrect charges passed onto you

✔ Assess your power factor and if you have poor power factor we'll work with you to minimise your demand at critical times, reducing your grid-supplied power requirements

✔ Identify whether commercial solar can deliver energy freedom for your business where the cashflow of your business is not impacted.

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    Want to gain more control over your power bills and discover how to remove the hidden costs that you should not be paying for?

    Now, why should you even trust us?

    We are not just another Australian energy efficiency company hassling for your attention, we are the #1 Fastest Growing SmartCompany for a very good reason.

    We actively help over 3,400+ Australian small to medium and large market commercial and industrial consumers radically reduce their energy costs using our Intelligent Energy Optimisation System (IEOS).

    We have brokered over $100 million worth of electricity and gas contracts, on behalf of our customers in Australia and New Zealand since 2013.

    Is there a catch?

    No. There hasn't been a more pertinent time to find out how your business can reduce its energy costs and as a leading energy firm we can add serious value. While the webinar is free, we will be offering a complimentary energy assessment at the end if we feel it's a good fit for your business.

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    Now is the time to take your power back and understand clearly how to effectively reduce your company’s energy costs.

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