Our Team

Christopher Dean


Chris has extensive industry experience working in the Energy sector. Previous to Choice Energy he was CEO of a large B2B solar company. In his free time he likes to grow a moustache.

Alan Gill

Chief Operating Officer

Former International Director at software companies including DELL and Salesforce.com. Never afraid of a chat about sport.

Ben Machar

Project Manager

Ben is our Power Factor and Network Tariff pro. Thinks he can fish.

Craig Bartlett

Field Representative

Mr. Consistent and a great all round character. Knows a bit about the Hawks too.

Ben Robinson

Senior Energy Management Specialist

Mr Detail, Ben makes the complex world of energy simple.

Deanne Payze

Senior Energy Management Specialist

Won Multi-Tasker of the year 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and is favourite for 2018

Lachlan Magee

Energy Solutions Manager

They say that if you need something done give it to the busiest person. Lachlan’s our Mr. Busy.

Alan Worman

Senior Energy Management Specialist

Passionate, proud and above all determined. It’s why he always succeeds in finding the best solutions.

Matthew Lutter

Energy Solutions

Matthew understands sailing, rugby and a little of what makes a market tick!

Chris Ryan

Energy Solutions

Ryan, or Chris? He will answer to both. A proud family man with a talk back radio addiction

Rosie McKinley-Amarant

Energy Consultant

Our ray of Byron Bay in Richmond

Alexandria Dukic

Pricing & Team Support

First in the office on a weekday morning and first at the footy to support her Doggies on a weekend

David Perry

Senior Energy Management Consultant

Dave goes the extra mile for his partners and customers, but don’t let him convince you that he’s an average golfer!

Paul Gilbert

Project Coordinator

Always calm under pressure. Enjoys watching the sunrise, not only for it’s beauty but as a reminder of the power it supplies to the solar systems he designs.

Chris Harris

Senior Business Energy Broker

Best laugh and loudest clap in the office. Loves his Richmond Tigers almost as much as finding huge savings for his customers

Kerry John

Energy Consultant

Proud grandmother who loves unlocking federal funding for her customers

Tyler Lonard

Energy Solutions Consultant

An Aussie family man who lived in New Zealand, some say for too long.
Loves any challenge involving solar.

Duncan Conley

Energy Solutions Consultant

A colourful character who wears colourful socks. He can seamlessly loop any conversation back to politics, even solar!