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Five Reasons To Partner With An Energy Management Company That Does It All

To ensure you aren’t overpaying, what your business needs are an energy management company that specialises in a range of complementary energy services to put you in the best possible position.

Is your business overpaying for electricity?

If you’re a business owner, you are likely being contacted weekly by a number of companies offering a range of energy services aimed to help your business. The problem is most businesses don’t have the time or resources to take these calls and as a result, end up doing nothing.

Some other businesses use a broker and think that everything is covered as part of that service, but unfortunately, that is not the case – and that decision could be costing your business thousands of dollars.

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To ensure you aren’t overpaying, what your business needs is an energy management company that specialises in a range of complementary energy services to put you in the best possible position.

A company that can advise you on:

  • Market trends
  • Run your tender and possibly include you in a group tender
  • Review your network component including your tariff
  • Provide you with monthly reporting including your demand stats
  • Advise you of government rebates
  • Provide you with free assessments on solar, power factor correction and LEDs, and
  • Validate your bills to make sure you aren’t paying too much.

The good news is that’s exactly what we offer, and it comes with some big advantages.

Here are five reasons to partner with Choice Energy for your business energy needs:

1. Free energy assessment

We’re in the business of saving you money on your energy bills so you won’t pay a cent to let us to review your bill and source a better deal for you. We then manage all the contract changes with the retailer – you simply need to agree to it.


2. One point of contact

Why deal with ten individual energy retailers when we can do that for you? Choice Energy works with 13 retailers to secure the best rates for your business. All you need to do is provide us with your latest bill and we’ll go out to tender for you to come up with the best energy-saving contract for your business.

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3. We aren’t reliant on one revenue stream

By engaging with us you’ll take comfort in knowing that you’re partnering with a business with multiple revenue streams. This is particularly unique in the solar industry where you’re working directly with solar companies. This means we will continue to be around servicing our clients after the solar rebates disappear, unlike other businesses who work under government rebates.

One Revenue Stream

4. Quick and easy access to your data

Rather than spending your time making multiple calls to different departments, we can provide your energy data including usage history, current rates, contract terms, end dates and energy services proposals all in one place. We can also do this in a timelier manner – many retailers will advise it can take up to five business days.

Access To Your Data

5. Dedicated customer service

We are dedicated to genuinely helping our customers use less and pay less and we won’t encourage you to take up a change unless it’s going to benefit your bottom line. It’s part of our ‘say do’ methodology that we were recently recognised for by winning a Service Excellence award as part of the 2018 Australian Business Awards 100.

Dedicated Customer Service

Learn more about what makes Choice Energy the quality energy partner your business deserves:

Take back control of your energy

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