Critical Checkpoints when you're thinking about Residential Solar

So you’re thinking of residential solar for your home - Congratulations! Not only are you setting yourself up for significant savings on your energy bills, but you’re also putting yourself forward as a sustainable and environmentally-conscious Australian. But like so many technical industries with high demand, there are a few checks you’ll need to make to ensure you’ll be seeing those benefits for many years to come. Here’s the top 4 checks you need to make before you lock in your new system.

The top 3 things you MUST do before EOFY to save on energy bills

As another financial year rolls to a close, it’s often a quick scramble to ensure the accounting department has all necessary documents to lock down an optimised return and as many offset expenses as possible. But if you’re leaving energy optimisation and management out of your tax-time regime, you could be missing out on enormous opportunities to save your business thousands of dollars each month, and more in years to come.

Does your business have a finance manager? Then you need an energy manager

Despite being one of the world’s most expensive countries when it comes to the price of energy, few Australian businesses are aware of the opportunities to save and optimise their commercial bills. Instead, the financial focus often only revolves around tax, cost of production and ensuring output remains as optimised as possible, accepting energy costs as an immovable pain point.
We say it often: Using energy is a fact of life, but paying dearly for it does not have to be. So rather than placing risk and burden onto your finance manager’s shoulders, we invite you instead to bring to the team your dedicated expert: An energy manager from Choice Energy.

Solar for businesses in Winter: Do the savings stack up?

While many of us rug up and hunker down for another blustery winter, across Australia and New Zealand our installation teams are just getting started on some of their busiest days ahead. Solar energy is often accompanied by images of vast summer skies and hot, tropical locales, but that’s only half the picture when it comes to the reality of what - and how - your commercial solar system functions.

CASE STUDY: How holistic energy management saved these businesses thousands

Many refer to Choice Energy as a holistic business energy firm, but what does this actually mean for a business like yours?
Simply put, Choice Energy provides dedicated expert energy expertise and management, delivered in combination with a complementary range of solutions to help businesses lower their energy costs and reduce their reliance from a volatile energy market.

Is your energy metering telling you the truth?

Measuring energy use: It’s not something you think about every day. Rather than take a proactive approach, most businesses and individuals are content to wait for their next bill to tell them if their consumption has been high, low or average.

But how do we know what the energy bill is telling us is informed and correct? To understand this, we need to look at how energy is measured in Australia, and what data we can gather from our site to know we are paying for what we are spending.