Unmasking the Energy Billing Scandal - How Errors and Overcharging Sabotage Your Profits!

What can be done to save businesses millions.
Choice Energy saves up to a quarter of a million dollars for customers in September alone through an innovative energy bill engine and monitoring solution. In the high-stakes world of commercial businesses in Australia, every dollar counts. When it comes to managing your expenses, keeping a tight rein on your energy bills is critical. However, there's a factor that often goes unnoticed but can significantly affect your bottom line – bill overcharging and metre reading errors.

Energy Market Update August

From El Nino, Gas price caps to criticism that Eraring should stay open longer to lessen the impact to energy market prices.

Read our latest market update for your state and energy contract type.

Bundled vs. unbundled energy bills - Which one will lead to more savings?

  • When should you shift to a fixed rate, unbundled contract?
  • What savings and other benefits could you gain?
  • How can you secure optimal billing for your business

Are you a small or medium business combating rising energy bills? Are you aghast at the figures staring back from your bill? If you're experiencing price hikes it may work in your favour at a certain threshold. Ironically, it could reduce energy bill savings, and reduce expensive billing errors which are more common than you think.

5 Key Takeaways from our webinar: Tackling Business Energy Costs this Financial Year

With the recent volatility in the energy market, Choice Energy conducted a webinar educating businesses how to lower their energy costs and what to expect in the future of energy.

In case you missed it, here are five learnings from Choice Energy's webinar on tackling business energy costs and reducing risk from the volatile energy grid this year.

El Niño to Disrupt Energy Prices Summer 2023-24. What Businesses Need to Know Now!

The energy market in Australia and the rest of the world is expected to enter a more volatile phase with a 70 percent likelihood of an El Nino summer. Linked with higher temperatures and heatwaves, El Nino conditions are likely to drive demand for more electricity in an already high-priced market. The outcome is expected to place more stress on the grid and disrupt supply. Here’s what you need to know -

Energy Market Update June

Wholesale volatility, small market default market offer determinations and bill shock, and cash bonuses for small businesses - catch up on what's happening right across the electricity and gas markets for Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia, courtesy of our expert energy procurement team.