4 ways to take the strain out of your business bills in 2021

We’ve been honoured to help thousands of businesses this year with their energy needs, both those who saw a dramatic upswing in demand, as well as those dropping a gear and seeking to trim fat and lower expenses.

No matter how your 2020 went, let’s take the strain out of the year to come in advance with our top four ways to better your bills.

Choosing Solar Panels for your Business

If, like so many savvy business owners before you, you’ve considered solar for your site, factory or office space, you might be wondering where to start when it comes to choosing the right system for you.

November energy market wrap up

Our energy market wrap up for November 2020.

Forward contracting: How this little known technique could save you thousands

Thinking ahead is how you became a leader in your industry. You apply it to all kinds of decisions you make each day, from rostering staff to operations and everything in between, to ensure your business moves smoothly and at its best. So why not apply this to reducing your energy bills too?

At last some good news: It's solar season!

For businesses looking to bounce back or keep up with their new demand, reducing costs is a savvy way to optimise your numbers and set yourself up for long term success. As the days grow longer and demand heats up, commercial solar offers you the opportunity to reduce your energy expenses and let you focus on what you do best during the best six months for solar output. Translation? More sun on your panels, more clean, free energy created for you.

What size commercial solar system do I need?

It might seem like simple maths you can do on the back of an envelope: The more panels, the more solar energy. The more solar energy, the lower your bills. But as your business energy bill amount is made up of a range of charges outside of your energy usage, it’s not quite as simple.