Energy Market Update July

State-by-state, small market and large market, electricity and gas, here are our market insights for July 2024 delivered by our expert team of energy brokers.

VDO, DMO and increased network costs: What will your electricity bills look like from July 1?

The Australian Energy Regulator and Essential Services Commission have announced electricity savings for the small businesses who are on the Default Market Offer (DMO) and Victorian Default Offer (VDO).
But with increases in network costs, and more than 80% of small businesses on market offers well below the default market offer pricing, what impact will there be to businesses and their energy bills?

Harnessing the Sun: The Strategic Value of Commercial Solar Power

Discover how Choice Energy drives businesses towards a sustainable and profitable future through strategic solar power solutions. Explore the compelling ROI, technological advancements, and case studies proving the transformative impact of commercial solar energy.

What does the $325 small business electricity rebate mean for your small business?

This year, approximately one million businesses will benefit from $325 of energy bill relief, as delivered in last Tuesday night’s Federal budget. Small businesses will also see a one-year extension of the instant asset write-off for items under $20,000. Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding the Government’s extended Energy Bill Relief program for 24-25.

Taking Charge of Your Small Business Electricity Costs: The Truth About the Victorian Default Offer

Each year in May, the media makes a lot of noise when the Essential Services Commission releases the Victorian Default Offer for the new financial year.
A quick Google search will see countless media reports declaring an approximate 7% saving for Victorian small businesses equating to approximately $261 per year.
But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll realise this is all just noise, and what’s not being conveyed is the default market offer is 18% more expensive than it was two years ago, and even then, it's not necessarily the cheapest offer available.
Here are the facts on the Victorian Default Offer and how the power is still in your hands to lower your small business electricity costs.

Energy Saving Tips By Industry

Let's look at the importance of energy efficiency across various industries to enhance operational profitability. From manufacturers and retail to education and aged care, implementing solar power, lighting solutions, renewable energy or energy brokering, significantly reduces energy costs and your carbon footprint. Choice Energy offers sector-specific energy solutions to navigate the complex energy landscape towards sustainability