Energy Market Update August

Read up on the latest energy market insights in our August edition of the Energy Market Update including state specific news, events and opportunities

A powerful tool to reduce your business energy expenses

At this point in the year, you’re no doubt aware of the ongoing stressors of business ownership in 2022.
Staff shortages, hiking energy bills, inflation and inventory stressors are making a wide range of industries feel an unprecedented pinch. So let’s take one of those burdens off your shoulders, and get those energy bills back in control with our signature strategy: commercial energy management.

Three signs it's time to expand your commercial solar system

If you’re a business owner or operator who has already invested in solar, you’ll know the benefits of solar when it comes to reducing your costs and improving your sustainability profile.
But you may also be wondering if your current system is really meeting your needs. Here are three signs it’s time to consider expanding your solar system.

What will the new Government mean for business power prices?

Whether you’ve been keeping up with the to’s and fro’s, or you’re just relieved the election is over so you no longer have to hear those election ad ear-worms, the shift from a Liberal to a Labor Government does not come without some potentially enormous shifts to how the future with roll out for all Australian businesses.

Energy Market Wrap Up May

Read up on the latest energy market insights in our May edition of the Energy Market Wrap Up, including state-specific news, events and opportunities.

How Forward Contracting is Saving Choice Energy Customers Thousands

You've heard of forward contracting, but how much of a difference does it truly make? Take a deep dive with us into the savings this expert strategy is capable of creating when you team up with a Choice Energy expert.