Choice Energy launches new website

Choice Energy has officially launched a new website as it continues on its growth and expansion trajectory as an industry leading energy management consultancy.

Five things we learnt from the 2019 Clean Energy Australia Report

2018 was an exceptional year for the Australian clean energy industry. As a result of large-scale investment, state-driven energy-focussed policies and increasing public pressure, demand for renewable energy sources from residences and businesses alike, witnessed a surge.

Everything You Need to Know About NABs 2018 Business Renewable Survey

The NAB Businesses Research has just released its first edition of the NAB Business renewable survey and while some of the findings aren’t surprising, there are some interesting insights.

Helping Brewers Save On Their Energy Costs Through Solar

There is no doubt about it, Australians love beer. And here at Choice Energy, we have a real appreciation for the independent brewers cultivating delicious tasting beers across the country.

Pre-Purchase Your Next 20 years of Electricity At A 90% Discount with Solar

In the midst of the current energy crisis, homes and businesses are looking for multiple ways to control their energy spend.

Top 4 Reasons Solar Companies Keep Going Under

In the last seven years, 615 solar companies have gone into liquidation. An even scarier statistic is 105; the number of solar companies that went into liquidation in 2018 alone.