What size commercial solar system do I need?

It might seem like simple maths you can do on the back of an envelope: The more panels, the more solar energy. The more solar energy, the lower your bills. But as your business energy bill amount is made up of a range of charges outside of your energy usage, it’s not quite as simple.

At last some good news: It's solar season!

For businesses looking to bounce back or keep up with their new demand, reducing costs is a savvy way to optimise your numbers and set yourself up for long term success. As the days grow longer and demand heats up, commercial solar offers you the opportunity to reduce your energy expenses and let you focus on what you do best during the best six months for solar output. Translation? More sun on your panels, more clean, free energy created for you.

Energy Comparison vs Energy Brokering for SMBs

If you’re a small business, you’ll know the importance of keeping your costs down while you optimise your revenue. When it comes to your energy bills, you might feel stuck between a rock and a hard place - or ignore it all together and see the expense as a necessary evil when it comes to doing business.

Want to see real savings on your Large Market energy bill? It’s time to bring in an energy broker

As a business owner or financial controller, you’re always looking for ways to cut costs and save money for your business. As one of your biggest expenses, energy bills should be a laser focus for savvy managers looking to save significantly, especially in high energy-use industries.

June Energy Market Wrap Up

Read the latest energy market insights from across the country with our June 2020 energy market update.

Solar for Commercial Tenants: What you need to know

You know that solar is an environmentally-friendly, clean source of cheap energy that allows less dependency on the increasingly costly grid. But if you’re a tenant, you might be concerned that a solar power system for your business is out of your reach. Let us bust a few myths you might have about investing in solar when you don’t own your commercial site or property.