What will happen after all the coal power stations close by 2040 - and how will it impact you?

How do you run a business in Australia when one of your largest costs has tripled in 3-4 years? How do you plan for the next 3-4 years when the government has no clear path to solve this problem?

Choice Energy featured in Hotel Conversation after South Australian hotel success

Hotel Conversation writes story on Choice Energy, after saving Australian Hotels Association (SA) members more than $2 million dollars.

In the News: Politics, an increased tax break for businesses and the electric vehicle lie

Electric vehicles will completely disrupt the energy market and distribution grids which today would be unable to support the rapid uptake nationwide.

Large-scale generation certificates expected to ease

Following the Australian election, the value of large-scale generation certificates (LGCs) is expected to ease.

Choice Energy brings lower energy costs to New Zealand businesses

Choice Energy, a leading energy solutions company, has announced its expansion into New Zealand, continuing its growth as a successful end-to-end energy management consultancy.

The clean energy revolution for waste

You must be living under a rock If you have missed the chaos occurring in the waste and resource recovery sector lately.