Being a sustainable brand: Good for the environment, great for business.

With a growing sustainability-conscious consumer base, modern business owners continue to be challenged by the demand of greener products and brands with a pro-environment outlook. And rightfully so: economically and socially, we face mounting pressure in the face of climate change, energy shortages, liveable wages, ethical consumption… the list goes on, and overwhelms quickly.

Three Top Tips to Managing your Business Energy Costs This Summer

Between sweltering temperatures, a shift to staff rhythms and a gear change over the holidays, it might not be so "business-as-usual" for your power bills. Here’s our CEO Christopher Dean’s top 3 tips for managing those business energy costs this summer.

Why you can’t afford to compromise on quality for your solar system

With all the talk in the Melbourne news this week about operators employing non-licensed electricians for residential solar installations, it seems timely to highlight the importance of choosing a solar provider based on reputation, experience and quality, rather than simply cost.

Energy bill confusion abounds for Victorian business owners

Choice Energy is an active participant in the energy industry and is constantly on the look-out for information and tools that will help customers use less power from the grid and pay less for it. As part of this, the business conducted a survey of Victorian business owners, to better understand the impact of energy bill shock and price rises, and the current attitude towards energy and renewables.

What will happen after all the coal power stations close by 2040 - and how will it impact you?

How do you run a business in Australia when one of your largest costs has tripled in 3-4 years? How do you plan for the next 3-4 years when the government has no clear path to solve this problem?

Choice Energy Saves AusVeg Vic Members More than $1.2 million through group procurement tender

Energy price rises are an economy-wide problem and have fuelled intense political debate about appropriate policy to provide reliable and affordable energy. Australian industry – including agriculture – is rapidly becoming uncompetitive against countries with cheaper and more reliable power.