Felt the winter sting of energy bills? Here's how to avoid that this summer

The start of Spring is a breath of fresh air for all of us, especially after a bumpy few months for many businesses across Australia and New Zealand. But that fresh optimism can quickly turn sour when we see that winter energy bill pop up in our inbox or letterbox.
Three months of avoiding freezing cold and keeping the lights on through shorter days makes grid energy a costly part of running your business and keeping your team comfortable. With a hot summer just around the corner, can we expect the same again soon as the temperature climbs?

Is solar feasible for every agriculture business? A deep dive into reducing your bills

Sunshine and agriculture go hand in hand, so why wouldn’t solar energy? After all, you have plenty of wide open spaces, uninhibited by trees or neighbouring buildings, to make the most of. What many solar pundits aren’t letting you in on, as they try to sell you the biggest system possible, is that solar energy alone isn’t automatically a cost-reducing move for every agri-business.

Demand and Supply: What will the next few months cost your business?

As the east coast of Australia sees a universal easing of lockdown laws, as well as a wet and warm start to Spring, many business owners are now wondering what’s coming next to influence their challenges and successes. With our finger on the pulse, and an array of energy industry data at hand, here are factors coming into play over the next six months, and how they may impact you. The underlying theme? Supply and demand.

September Energy Market Wrap Up

Read up on the latest in energy market insights from across Australia in our Energy Market Wrap Up September 2021.

Paint and Panel businesses can increase profitability while lowering electricity bills

What if your paint and panel business could be more energy efficient, operate at a lower cost, and it would require little to no effort and minimal upfront cost on your part?

Explain it easy: What is energy brokering?

You’ve heard the term a few times now, but if you’re not quite sure what it means, at this point you might be too afraid to ask. Don’t stress - we’re here to take the confusion out of what an energy broker does, and why you need one on your side ASAP.