April Energy Market Wrap Up

Read the latest energy market Insights from around the country with our April 2021 Energy Market Wrap Up

A breakdown of Energy Brokering for businesses

As the price of wholesale power fluctuates, Choice Energy is vigilant about keeping your operations energy efficient. By helping you use less, we’re also your assurance against future energy price hikes. Let's break down what this looks like for you and your business.

Brass Tacks: Can I really reduce my energy spend?

For businesses, reducing energy costs may seem more complicated than the simple cost-cutting techniques recommended for residential properties.
When your livelihood and the heart of your product or services depend on the use of machinery, lighting and tools, aiming to reduce costs can feel redundant in the face of growing bills and higher demand. This is where teaming up with an energy management specialist like Choice Energy can assist.

The Yallourn Power Plant closure is a symptom of a larger problem - and it could be harming your business

In response to the growing capability and capacity of clean energy options, Yallourn Power Station is anticipating an early closure, to be replaced by one of the country’s largest Big Battery storage systems. While it sounds great in summary - a move towards a cleaner, efficient country - the closure of one of Victoria’s oldest brown coal power generating plants brings with it a wide range of issues that have the makings of another energy bill disaster for businesses and residents alike.

Future Proofing your business

Australia has one of the most expensive energy markets in the world, with no likelihood to change any time soon. As more coal power stations close, and no political compass for what comes after, we can anticipate seeing the cost of energy continue to rise, as demand increases thanks to population growth and technology development.

So what can you do to future proof your business, and protect yourself from this oncoming concern?

Solar on Sale: Will it cost you in the long run?

We’ve seen it across tv, radio and the internet: Solar systems at rock bottom prices with too-good-to-be-true financing available. When it comes to sourcing the right solar system for your business or home, it can be tempting to focus on deep discounts and price-shop for the lowest bidder. But before you sign on the dotted line, there are some essential facts about solar systems in Australia that you need to know.