How To Radically Reduce Your Company’s Power Bills In Unprecedented Times

Thursday April 30th 2020 @ 11am AEST

There’s no denying here, it’s going to be a tough road ahead for many.

The Coronavirus pandemic is a pressing concern on everyone’s minds at the moment. It is triggering vast economic challenges and uncertainty for many businesses as it spreads across every layer of the Australian economy and the global financial system.

In light of these recent events, we have created a special 60 minute online webinar on how to remove hidden costs in your company’s power bill so that you feel empowered to future-proof your energy savings in unprecedented times. It’s free - and we feel an urgent need to help Australian businesses stay ahead of the curve, immediately.

In this 60 minute live online webinar, you’ll discover:

✔ How to adapt, pivot, and behave differently to free up funds from your energy bill

✔ How you can optimise and pay less for your power through network tariff optimisation, power factor correction, voltage optimisation and more

✔ Volatility in the electricity market and how to manage it, including forward-contracting

✔ How investing in renewable energy can benefit your business and brand and what the Federal government business stimulus

✔ Common energy pain points and how to overcome them


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    Want to gain more control over your power bills and discover how to remove the hidden costs that you should not be paying for?

    This 60 minute online webinar is for you.

    Now, why should you even trust us?

    We are not just another Australian energy efficiency company hassling for your attention, we are the #1 Fastest Growing SmartCompany for a very good reason.

    We actively help over 3,400+ Australian small to medium and large market commercial and industrial consumers radically reduce their energy costs using our Intelligent Energy Optimisation System (IEOS)

    We have brokered over $100 million worth of electricity and gas contracts, on behalf of our customers in Australia and New Zealand since 2013.

    Is there a catch?

    No. There hasn't been a more pertinent time to find out how your business can reduce its energy costs and as a leading energy firm we can add serious value. While the webinar is free, we will be offering a complimentary energy assessment at the end if we feel it's a good fit for your business.

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    Now is the time to take your power back and understand clearly how to effectively reduce your company’s energy costs.

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