Shamrock Craft Goes Green to Cut Costs & Help The Environment

Shamrock is an Australian family owned and run import, wholesale and manufacturing enterprise. Based in Blackburn in Victoria, the Shamrock brand has been operating for more than 30 years.

Carrying more than 8,000 products and supplying over 3000 re-sellers, Shamrock has a reputation for continuous and cost-effective supply and maintenance of stock.

With ever increasing operational expenditures across 3 sites, Shamrock were looking at ways to reduce outgoings and improve their environmental footprint.

By installing 3 stand alone Commercial Solar Systems, Shamrock was able to access Government funding and reduce its carbon footprint by the equivalent of:

  • Planting over 400 Trees
  • 50 Barrels of Oil Consumed
  • 20,000 pounds of coal burned
  • taking 5 cars of the road per year

Shamrock’s Managing Director, Tony O’Dwyer commented:

“Chris Dean and his team at Choice Energy have been a pleasure to deal with and very professional from our first meeting. As a company we are looking for better ways to save money and at the same time, do the Right Thing for the environment and future proof our business for the next generation.”

Shamrock Craft Solar System – Click image for video

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