(Energy business case study) Lowering energy costs for Dartmouth Pub


Dartmouth Pub is Dartmouth’s main pub in the Northeast Victoria suburb of Dartmouth. It is a family run business, the heart and soul of the town, and has been successfully running for over ten years.

Dartmouth Pub’s Challenge

Dartmouth Pub already had a 5kw system installed which was not generating enough energy to cover their daytime energy running costs. With this and a recent 15% increase in power costs, the cost of power was high.

Being in a rural Victorian town, energy increases of this scale really affect high energy users such as pubs.

The owners knew it was time to make a change and gain even more control over their bills by generating most of their energy themselves.

Our Solution

Choice Energy conducted a solar assessment and determined the business should install a 15kW solar system.

Choice Energy was able to secure $8,658 in government funding and the system resulted in estimated savings of $334,708 on power over the warranty period of the system.

Choice Energy’s Results

(Solar business case study) Lowering energy costs for Dartmouth Pub

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(Energy business case study) Lowering energy costs for Dartmouth Pub

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