It’s easy to understand why so many Australian homes choose to invest in solar energy.

Clean, efficient and cost reducing, a solar energy system can be an ideal solution for most families and households. With dramatic forecasted changes in not only the cost of energy, but also the way and times we utilise energy in the home, it makes sense to look into cheaper, environmentally friendly investments.

A residential solar system can provide peace of mind for you and your family as the cost of living rises. Freeing yourself from complete grid reliance means generating clean and free energy via your roof, lessening those bills and lowering your carbon footprint while you’re at it.


High quality and affordable residential solar solutions

It’s important to us that your solar system is not only right for you now, but also right for you into the future. For this reason, we only work with high quality manufacturers from across the globe to ensure your residential solar panels, inverter and all cabling and wires are well produced, and designed to last. With financing options available that often make paying your system off equal or less of the value of your energy bills, you’ll find investing in a premium system more affordable than you might think.

When choosing your solar provider, it’s essential to ensure you are working with a Clean Energy Council approved retailer, especially if you are a Victorian resident. Not only are we CEC approved, but also the solar partner of choice for a range of industry groups.

Being proactive in powering your home with clean, safe, renewable solar energy deserves to be rewarded. That’s why Choice Energy will guarantee the power your residential solar system will generate. Learn more about our guarantee here.

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Solar panels for your home in Australia

We’re a lucky country for many reasons, one of which being our beautiful weather. Solar panels work when the sun is shining, which we regularly experience even in the cooler parts of the country.

This means many homes across Australia may be viable for solar panels which can offset the costs of some of your energy bills, and provide a long term solution to growing power costs.

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Your expert energy management consultant will explore solar system options based on your household needs.

The right solar system options are those that balance your investment with optimal benefits, including your eligibility for government solar rebates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Solar in Australia

What size system do I need?

Your system size will depend largely on how your household uses daytime energy.

For example, if you have young kids and work, you might find your household is empty for the morning, but home and busy in the afternoons, so a small kW system might better suit.

Likewise, if you’re a retiree or work from home, you’ll find yourself home for most of the day, and a larger system may work to erase a higher percentage of your grid energy use.

We can go over your needs together at your free solar feasibility assessment to discover what works best for you.

How does solar power work?

Put simply, PV panels (short for ‘photovoltaic’) are installed onto your roof or on brackets, where they are exposed to sunlight.

The panel is then connected to an inverter, which looks a little like an electricity meter box.

When sunlight hits the cells of the PV panels, electrons are loosened and move around.

The electrons are then captured and start to move in the same direction around a circuit, generating what is known as a Direct Current (DC).

This current moves down the cabling to your inverter, where it is then converted into an Alternating Current (AC), the kind of power that can be used to power your home!

Is solar power dangerous?

Like all forms of power, it can be dangerous when managed by the wrong people, or installed by non certified businesses.

Incidences of house fires caused by solar panels are mainly due to criminal activity committed by businesses fraudulently claiming to be reputable.

Contrary to the myths, solar panels do not cause fires, and will not explode when dropped.

Do I need a battery?

Solar batteries allow you to store the energy made during the day, and utilise it in the evening.

A solar system does not require a battery in order to run, and will provide energy while the sun is shining.

You will only need a battery if you wish to store this energy for use later. You can learn more about solar power batteries here.

Can you add more panels or battery storage to my solar power system?

Your ability to add more panels or a battery to your existing solar system depends on a range of factors.

For instance, you’ll need to ensure suitable panels are still available, get the appropriate approvals from your distributor, and ensure the new set up meets Australian standards. Requirements for doing so may change state to state.

What many clients opt to do when wanting more power is add a second system side by side, or in another optimal position, to their existing system.

This may change your feed-in tariff, so we suggest having a discussion with one of our energy experts on 1300 304 448 to discuss.

Why choose Choice Energy for your residential solar system?

At Choice Energy, we believe everyone can use less grid-energy and pay less for energy. We’re specialists in commercial solar systems, meaning we provide businesses with bespoke solar options, and provide ongoing support. With so many business contacts seeing the incredible results their new system gave them, we frequently had them coming back months later to ask about a residential system of their own for theirs or a family member’s home. It is ultimately our results as a high quality and ongoing service provider that allows us to bring the best in residential solar to you and the ones you love.

Part of this service is also about “calling it out”. After we conduct a feasibility assessment, we’ll honestly say if solar energy is right for you or not. If we don’t believe you’ll have a good return on investment, for whatever reason, we will not recommend solar for you at this time.

While other providers may choose to put a system on your roof and disappoint you after you make the investment, we believe good energy management is about providing solutions that actually work for you.

As a full energy management firm, we can provide you with other solutions to cut down your energy bills and ensure you’re getting a great price for the grid-energy you use. Check out our energy management services here.

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