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What is the Service to Property Charge or Daily Charges?

For electricity, the service to property charge may cover part of the provision and maintenance of the meters, poles, wires and billing and some retail operating costs. It is applicable to each electricity account.

What is an NMI?

Your National Meter Identifier (NMI) is a unique number that is assigned to each premise and links your electricity meter with your premise. All energy retailers must include the NMI on their electricity bill.

If I change my retailer, will the quality of my supply be affected?

When you change retailers, your gas, and electricity continues to be supplied through your current distributor's gas pipes and electricity poles and wires. Because it is the distributor who is responsible for the quality of your supply, there won't be any change.

What are loss factors?

Electricity is lost in the course of transmission from the generator to your site. In simple terms, the further electricity has to travel from the generators, along transmission and distribution lines, to your site, the more electricity needs to be transmitted to compensate for this loss.

Can I complain to someone about electricity prices?

If you have a problem or dispute with your retailer about billing or another matter, you can contact EWOV (Energy & Water Ombudsman Victoria) for help in resolving your dispute. However, EWOV has no role or authority in setting prices. This means it is not able to investigate complaints about price increases. But it can review whether the relevant charges and prices have been correctly applied to your account.

What are the basic units of energy?

Energy is measured as follows:

  • Gas - joule
  • Electricity - watt hour
  • 6 megajoules=1 kilowatt hour
Gas Energy Units:
  • 1 megajoule (MJ)=1 million joules
  • 1 gigajoule (GJ)=1 thousand megajoules
  • 1 terajoule (TJ)=1 million megajoules
  • petajoule (PJ)=1 billion megajoules
Electricity Energy Units:
  • 1 kilowatt hour (kWh)=1 thousand watt hours
  • 1 megawatt hour (MWh)=1 thousand kilowatt hours
1 gigawatt hour (GWh)=1 thousand megawatt hours

How are monthly bills determined?

If you have a smart electricity meter that’s remotely-read every day, you can use real usage data to work out your monthly bill. However, if your meter is read every two to three months we use a process to estimate your energy usage that looks at your past energy usage and takes into account seasonal factors.

What are my cooling-off rights?

If you change your mind after entering into a contract you can change your mind without penalty for a certain period after you have entered the contract (called "cooling off"). Generally, you have 10 days to cancel a market contract, without incurring any fees or charges. If you cancel a market contract within this "cooling-off" period, you will continue to be charged for the energy you use under the terms of your existing energy contract.

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    Matthew Bauman, Owner

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    Michael Lockman, General Manager

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    David Maillard, Financial Controller

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    Kelly, General Manager

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    David Hudson, Hudson Group

  • "Ever since contacting Deanne at choice, we have been impressed with the speed and ease of the process in determining a better solution for our power needs. Having multiple sites, different contracts with different providers, it was refreshing to see how easily they were all bundled together with the one provider with much more favourable terms.

    From first contact through to new signed agreements was less than a working week. Now our company is looking like making a saving of over $8000 per annum.

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    The staff at Choice Energy were fantastic to deal with, they were informative, very responsive and had provided the details of the suggested company within a few days of initial contact."

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